Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Outlook for Summerfest

We are creeping up on the highlight of summer once again. Summerfest is just about upon on. What is Summerfest you ask? Why, just the biggest and best musical festival on this planet we call Earth!

Every year on a stretch of land along Lake Michigan, music is played, beverages consumed, and a good time is had by all dancing on picnic tables in the warm summer sun. You meet all kinds of people, eat some of Milwaukee's best food, and drink more beer. For 11 days.

The music itself is pretty broad, attempting to appeal to all musical tastes. There are 8 stages spread throughout the grounds with the amphitheater on the south end holding the day's main acts. This year's main acts lean on the country side once again. It works for Summerfest because they will sell out, thus making them some coin. It works for me as there are some nice babes walking around on the country days.

But my opinion on the amphitheater once again this year is it is pretty weak. Same old bands out there playing once again. And what the hell is Journey doing listed as a headliner? Who is going to pay $16.25, before ticket charges, to see a band they can see at a county fair for free? They would have been better off lining up some of the other stage's bands for a heavy metal night. Put Night Ranger on first, followed by Whitesnake, and cap it with Deep Purple. I would give the sixteen bones for a good seat for that.

At least this year they haven't put the obligatory rap act in there. That was the biggest waste of a day to begin with. Attendance never topped 7000 (at least that is what is seemed) and the crowd sometimes caused problems. But of course the Bodeans are playing. The only time they will play before 24,000 one day and maybe 1000 the next. Blame it on the lack of musical taste in this city.

See, I long for the good old days of decent bands playing there. Poison brought in a good crowd each time they came through. Iron Maiden rocked the joint, although, not during Summerfest. Tom Petty does a great job in there. But still, none as great as Metallica in the early-mid 90s. They would pack the place and shake the rafters. It was loud, it was heavy, and it was great. A friend of mine who worked there would tell me how people wouldn't go near the amphitheater while they played. Maybe it was because of 24,000 people chanting "Die, Die, Die" as Creeping Death was played.

This year's lineup isn't too bad for the side stages. I will be seeing the band I had already mentioned, Night Ranger, Deep Purple and Whitesnake. Will most likely see David Lee Roth and Collective Soul. There is a maybe on .38 Special, Bret Michaels, and Living Colour. I may hit up Skid Row too. Can you tell I still love the 80s rock?

There are also a number of great prelim acts during the day. I will give a shout out to my buddy's brother's band, Johnny 3 Note. I will see them on the second Friday. Of course, I will be watching Bobby Friss play. Maybe the.best.daytime.act.ever at Summerfest. Pat McCurdy is always entertaining. Other bands I recommend include Rhythm Method and the Chadwicks.

I also notice there is no break out band playing this year. That is rather sad. Oh well, life goes on. Summerfest starts on June 30. Just 9 days out now.

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