Monday, June 13, 2005

Missed some good stuff...back to Vegas

Ever notice when you have a good time, you always forget some good shit when trying to recall it? I totally forgot to mention the visit we had on Saturday night from the Park Rangers.

There are around a dozen of us drinking around the fire around 11 or so. Not quite sure the time but it was past the required "quiet time" or whatever they call it. We had been visited by the chicks down the way that were doing some kinds of scavenger hunt. They had to bring back a tent. Of course, we all look at them like they are crazy. Should have made them strip or something. Hell, I would have given them E's tent for some skin. But once they mentioned the guys they are with might be coming by for Preparation H, the fantasy of one big Me sandwich were gone. Sigh.

Soon after that the Park Rangers came by telling us the rules and that we had to be keep the noise down. That included no "amplified devices" or obscene language. We could "drink until the sun comes up" but we have to keep it down. He says there is a family site beyond the trees and they can hear you. Yeah, whatever. That "family" site had over 50 people there and supposedly one tent. I think they should have other concerns than us being loud. It is bad enough that he challenged us to drink until the sun came up, not caring if we were raging alcoholics but one F-Bomb was a big thing. Now I didn't pay much attention to this guy but Randy sure didn't like the tone of his voice. He was talking down to us like we committed some heinous crime. It was enough to piss the big man off. Hell, I was just intent to sit there twirling a glow stick and drink my beer.

There is probably something else that is worth mentioning but one cannot remember everything from the drunken haze. {edit. I missed a Dial-A-shot with Al on Sunday morning due to a dead phone. Then like a schlub I didn't call back after the phone was charged} So let's go back to Vegas!

When we last left our hero.... I had stumbled out of the Castle back for some sleep. I woke up on Saturday morning at 8:45. C J had wanted everyone to be down at the Aladdin by 9:30 and had asked that no one be totally trashed. I had some sleep so I wasn't "trashed" but I wasn't sober by any means either. I got up, showered, stood naked on the balcony again, and took off for some coffee. Not knowing were they may have it at the Imperial, I walked down to the Aladdin where I knew they had a Starbucks. Got to the Aladdin at 9:20. Outside, one of the guys who sells either time shares or tries to get you to come in to join the slot club looked at my Brewers jersey and started giving me his life story about growing up in Waukesha. That is all nice and good but I have to go play poker now. Buh buy.

I walk in to see about 20 people milling about. I give my "good mornings" to those I recognize, sign in and toss them some money before I head out to the Starbucks. There I see about 2 dozen people in line. So much for coffee. So I did the next logical thing. I sat down to play some slots and get a beer. Lite is a good coffee substitute in the correct conditions. Plus, I knew it could provide me a slight edge walking up to a table drinking already.

We got through the tournament in a number of hours. Played with one hilarious dude, Reader Matt. Still feel sorry that he couldn’t get his BLT. Guess the sandwich was too hard for the cafĂ© to make. Though it isn’t on the menu, I would think anyone- ANYONE- could still make a freakin’ BLT.

I came in 7th, after getting cold decked at the final table. I was quite proud of myself but was slightly disappointed to hear some of the boys lost some money on me. From there I was at the bar to enjoy a cocktail with Al. Soon the tournament would end and we were marching down the street to eat at La Cantina.

The manager was a little shocked to see us that early. After all, the party was slated for 5, but we wanted to eat first. Bad choice IMO. I had a burrito that sat in my stomach like a rock. I tried to flush it out with a Yard O Margarita but that didn’t take so easily. Needless to say though, I was comfortably numb. I probably had 10 beers during the poker tournament, and a couple more afterwards. Add the margy and I was feeling good. If it weren’t for that damn burrito, I would be enjoying some of the tequila.

The atmosphere at La Cantina was pretty damn cool. All kinds of people from all over the country chatting it up. Too many names to mention but let me hit some of the highlights.

- Watching Joaquin belt out a Spanish song was quite amazing. He shocked the staff working there. I think everyone from the manager down to the busboy came out to see who was singing. He did a damn good job!
- Talking with the Fat Guy about Shiner beer. Just went up and introduced myself and talked beer with the Texas gent. That and Cowboys football.
- Talked more with Reader Matt. Not sure how many Yards O Margarita he drank but I think he was trying to get a first down.
- Watching a couple of the ladies keep court. MrsCantHang and Maigrey floated around the room dancing, talking, karaokeing, doing whatever they wanted and having a damn good time.

Not quite sure what time it was but at some point, some of us got restless. That will happen when one is in a city where you can gamble at will. Talk was of heading downtown to get a mixed game going at the Plaza. For some reason, a group of us headed out the door and marched back up to the Aladdin to catch a cab. Joe Speaker, BG, Bobby Bracelet, Reader Matt, I and two others (for the life of me I can’t remember who) ended up at the Golden Nugget where the poker room manager was happy to open a mixed games table for us. You think I would have learned by now that I need to work on some of those games but I hadn’t. I didn’t do too bad dropping around $40 but it was worth it for the company. Especially when Bobby Bracelet started mentioning to the dealer about “getting cards worthy of a WSOP player, which he played in”.

Not quite sure how long we played. After that, I tried to get some guys to go to the Horseshoe to throw dice but it wasn’t in their blood to toss the bones at that time. I should have followed them as the table was colder than cold. There was a big guy who kept bouncing into me. Each time he did, he looked at me like it was my fault and I would get thrown down the table instead of the dice. So I chatted him up and laughed at his stupid jokes about his brothers at the other end of the table. Hey, anything to not get killed.

After getting whooped at the Horseshoe, I went down to the Plaza where everyone else was probably hanging out. There I found a number of the guys at the craps table so I jumped on in. Joe Speaker was throwing the dice. And he was on a roll. Tosses dice like I want to see it. Slow, easy toss. No cannon arm. Thanks to Joe I got up quickly but gave it all back and then some. Down I headed to the poker area and signed up for the mixed blogger table. After a seat opened I was told to just take it.

I believe I only played a couple of hands before the table broke up. Felt kinda bad cuz I bluffed Al in a Razz hand and showed it. A dick move that I wasn’t too proud of afterwards. From there it was back to the strip for more sleep.

It had been quite an interesting day so say the least. Yet, to an extent with the tournament over, it felt like the trip was somewhat over, even though I had another 3 days left in Boob City.

Coming up…more on Boob City, the Wynn, tournaments and blowing it all in the end.


Human Head said...

I was pretty pissed at those damn burritos..they really did make it feel like I ate a boulder.

Never again, La Salsa :)

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...


That's not a dick move...that's classic...Al needs to lay down a winner from once in a while so he can go crazy and take another double.

Huge Junk said...

I'm finally getting around to reading reports because I'm stuck in training. I only had a dialup connection until tonight. Anyhow, it was a pleasure meeting up with you. Hopefully you learned something from playing with me...the 860th greatest poker player in the world!