Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thanks, I needed that!

Gambino pushed me out to drink last night. And I thank her.

The buckets of beer hit the spot. The bosomy bartender wasn't a bad sight either. But I got my mojo back just when I needed it. Of course, having a proper dinner would have been good too.

It was a strange day yesterday. One of our blogging brethren was playing in the WSOP as another passed away. I am not going into details here on it because I didn't know the man but met his best friend in Vegas. I have followed the stories and updates and said a prayer for him.

My message to everyone is simple. Go tell the people you love and care about (family, friends, your bartender) how much you love and care about them. You have all of your life to do so. Don't let the time pass away.

Life is too short to drink cheap booze. Life is also too short to forget to tell someone you care about them.

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