Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Working is wiping me out

I normally work a 9 hour day. I am a morning person. I am in at 7 and out at 4. I get a ton of stuff done before anyone else arrives, and the times I do not, I feel like I am behind. When necessary, I stay late to help out.

Yesterday was one of those days. At 2:30, I get an email from the boss asking me to attend a 5:00 meeting. Damn! I don't like this but I agree. Don't really have much of choice. So I kill the hour in between my normal leaving time by re-working some lists. At 5, I hit the meeting to find out they are on break. They start up 15 minutes later and proceed to bore the living crap out of me. It was all accounting talk on bonds. I could have explained the bonds better than the guy giving the presentation was. For the next hour, I sat there struggling to stay awake, wondering why I was at this meeting. At the end, I asked the organizer why my boss wanted me here and she had no clue.

Thus, I leave work at 6:30. I am starving after having an early lunch. I get on the freeway and have to drive around the normal route because of baseball traffic. I am deciding what to eat. Not quite sure what I want. I have some chicken at home but something now sounds better. But as I drive, my hunger goes away. I have no appetite and feel wiped out. I don't have enough energy to even get some beer. Basically, I went home, nuked the chicken fingers, ate them and watched Hell's Kitchen (possibly my favorite new reality show). Then I crashed.

What an exciting night, huh? No drinking, no poker, no nothing.

This morning, on the way to work, a jalopy of a truck (when is the last time you saw the word "jalopy"?), blew up as I was passing it. I was just about to cut in behind it to change into the right lane. Instead, I chose the left and figured I could easily make it between him and the truck ahead. As I began to pass it, it hit a bump, making a sound like it just lost it's entire exhaust system. As I got ahead of it, I heard a loud BANG! I turn to look in my mirror to see a lot of smoke and the truck just die in the road. I am glad I chose to pass on the left.

Thankfully it is Wednesday. Hump Day to the lucky ones! I just want to have beer.


J. Gambino said...

I just want to have a beer also. Care to meet for a bucket at Big Mama's?

djw said...

Is Big Mama's what you call where we usually go for buckets, or someplace new?