Thursday, July 07, 2005

Beer, bands and broads

That looks to summarize my plans for the weekend. Summerfest is in full swing, with some of the best yet to come.

Tonight is my favorite, Night Ranger. Word is they are playing a slightly different set so that is good. I am curious as to what kind of crowd may be there. Last year on opening night, they went on at 11 and the place was barely filled in. That is from what I could see. It sure wasn't packed (nor do I expect that this year). But with an 8:30 start tonight, and after coming off a sold out show in April, I would assume there will be a lot more people there tonight. I will be getting to the festival grounds around 6. I plan to catch an hour of Bobby Friss before I wander over to get a decent seat. I am not looking to be front row or anywhere near the front. If I can, that is good. If not, I just want a good view of both Gillis and Watson. That may be the best part- just watching these guys play guitar. And if someone else comes up to me today asking if I am going to see them, they may have an untimely death.

I see Night Ranger is playing in Vegas in December. Hmm...another WPBT event in December followed by a Night Ranger show would work for me. Wonder if Bill Rini is working hard on that one?

Tomorrow will prove to be a battle of the best. Going for the full day, hoping to catch 4 great bands with the capper being Whitesnake. I remember seeing them just a couple years ago when there was barely 2000 people watching them. They still had the energy and put of a good show. Hopefully I won't have passed out by then.

I thank the Gods for Summerfest. Where else do you get 11 days of music and beer? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

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