Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Eyes wide open

I haven't slept well the last two nights. Maybe it was because I didn't drink for the last two days after 12 hour benders the two days before.

Today I found myself wide awake at 4 am. I could have used some more sleep but laid there awake until I finally got back to sleep at around 5:30. Then my alarm goes off what seems like 10 minutes later.

Laying there, awake in the darkness, I thought of a number of things. What I had planned for the weekend. Thursday is Night Ranger and possibly Skid Row. Friday is Whitesnake. I thought of how I will make is through a 14 hour period of beer and music (pace oneself, especially if it is hot out). I had some not so nice thoughts about a friend and how she looked like she swallowed a pumpkin. Or two. I had some good thoughts about another. I tried to remember to grab some Summerfest tickets in case I could give them to a friend. I thought about going to see Journey tonight. Then I remembered the set list I saw and thought it wasn't worth it. What about the Night Ranger set list? I hope they mix it up a bit. If you like 80s rock and have never seen Night Ranger play, you should check them out. Two guitarists with 3 others on stage just having fun, playing music. I thought about seeing Beatallica on Saturday. I wondered what I would wear this weekend. Do I really want to crash at a friend's house on Thursday night? Or even Friday? What about the cat? Ever notice that an open window is like a tv to a cat? I wondered if this would make a good post.

I see my answer is not.

Old CD of the night was S.O.D.'s Speak English or Die. Nothing wrong with minute and a half songs. Listened to it while I cleared my bonus on Party Poker. This time I made money so I am not the only person not clearing a bonus on top of making some coin over there.

Time to get back to dealing with some idiots at work. But before I do, I will play around with the new wireless headset I got that took me an hour to get to work correctly. Thankfully the tech people at the company showed me I was an idiot and had the cords in the wrong place. Now I just need to put the thing on my head, call a friend and head to the men's room.

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