Thursday, July 28, 2005

Buckets o' beer

Today's post will include what songs I am listening to as I type. Currently I have Danger Danger in my ear doing Bang Bang

It was one of those days. Busy all day. I would finish one item just to move on to the next. In between I was dealing with a secretary who wanted me to help her get more hours which meant I had to justify it to my boss about why she can't get her job done in her allotted hours. Then off to a meeting then another impromptu call with the boss and then more paperwork and then the scheduled call with the boss. Blah, blah, blah.

You have all been there. You know what I am saying here. The day was just going on with no down time in sight. I guess what really sucks is that I am trying to get Friday off so I can get out of town but I can't unless I get some required reports from about 40 individuals. Hopefully I can get the majority and still sneak out at noon. Plus I have someone trying to get me to go to Vegas next month. Ok, maybe I am trying to get them to go as well, but I don't have time to check out different hotels (looks like we may be stormin' the Castle), and now I see the flight that is cheap pretty much sucks. Not terrible but not great either. And I need to book a flight for the Bash at the Boathouse. Seeing how I will be gone this weekend, I have Sunday set aside. Or today or tomorrow when I blow up and decide "Screw it!", I need some StB time!!!

Ratt- Way Cool Jr

I felt like a boat floating on the water with no direction. Getting stuff done because there was no distraction from workplace productivity. It was in the last hour of work that the sign came through from above. Or on the phone. In the scheduled call with my boss, I learned she was pretty much having the same kind of day I was. It was then she said the magic phrase.

"I wish I was at happy hour"

Sister, I hear what you are saying'!!! At that point, I had read the comments on this drunken little blog and saw what "anonymous" had to say, then checked in with Gambino (who needs to start writing as she has some good stories to tell or I may have to hijack some of her emails and post them here) about stopping in for some buckets o' beer. It was on. This boat had a port to sail to. Big Mama's House.

Tesla- Call it what you want

I got out of the building, hopped into my car and got home. Seeing I had some time to kill, I of course fired up the pc and went to play a bit of poker. Seeing the hold em games were filled, I took a seat at the .25/.50 Razz table. Played just for a bit there. Made a little money when I saw a 2/4 table starting. Just as I hopped over there, I notice in the chat the MrsCantHang is saying Hi. Glad I was paying some attention as I have tendencies to ignore chat and don't care to come off as some asshole that is too good to chat. I may be shallow but I am not an asshole!

Quiet Riot- Metal Health.

I guess I left the Razz table just as she was about to join in. I apologized for doing so. She stopped by to say hi and bring me some luck. She informed me her other half was at the bar letting off some steam. She was gracious enough to leave me a number for Big Mike's cell so I could give them a call as a Dial-A-Shot would be necessary. Just after MCH left, I got the luck she brought. In the SB I call the raise with A 7 off (yeah, not the best play but not the worst but I wanted to play something). BB calls as well so 3 of us see a flop. 7 7 3, two spades. Sweet! I check and call (should have raised with the spades out there). Turn is a rag. I check raise the initial bettor as the BB falls out. River is the best card in the deck for me. The Ace of Spades, the Ace of Spades (yes, another lyrical reference that I should ask if anyone beside Al will get it). I knew the guy was just on his flush draw. I bet, he raised, I raise, he caps. Silly rabbit, full houses beat flushes. I am suddenly up 50% of my buy in. Hit and run!

Dokken- It's not love.

I was off to the bar. I got there and gave the internet celebrity a call. A couple shots later, I had my bucket of beer in front of me. I then had to explain to the bartender what the hell just happened. Though the guy on my left claims he has done Dial-A-Shots before, the bosomy bartender had not. I talked with Gambino for a bit (she was busy playing slots) until "anonymous" showed up. He brought a peace offering. A titty calendar! Well, not necessarily a titty calendar. More like skanks laying across choppers. More importantly, I finally was relaxing. Buckets o' beer and shots will do that to you.

While Lion- Little Fighter.

I gave him a lesson on comment posting and basically that was it. A bucket later, I had to eat something as a couple shots of SoCo does not a dinner make. In retrospect, this was not a great idea. Because though the chicken sandwich was quite good, it sat in my stomach like a rock, thus preventing my consumption of beer. I finished the second bucket and had to take off. I couldn't drink much after that.

Today should be an interesting one. If I can collect these damn reports, I can escape early tomorrow. I have only 1 meeting today (so far) and one project to take care of. Tonight is the Brewers game with the department I used to work in. Hey, free beer and baseball? I am so there!

Ok, this is long and winded.

Twisted Sister- Love is for Suckers

I was about to go into how I receiving a sicker than sick CD of Slayer's best, but that has more 'splaining about why I don't own any Slayer already. That is another tale for another day.

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