Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bloody Marys and corn dogs

No, that is not what I had for lunch. They don't serve bloody marys in the cafeteria. But they did have corn dogs. And tater tots. Don't know why but for some reason we get the grade school lunch every once in a while. BTW, corn dogs rock!

As I mentioned yesterday, I gave blood. I was the first one to walk into the Bloodmobile. They didn't look like they were quite set up yet. But they took me through all the prelims. Apparently I am healthy and sober enough to give. But then there was a problem. My temperature read 99.5. Too high to give blood. Apparently the coffee I drank just before I went out there raised by body temp. Interesting. They waited a couple of minutes before kicking me out. If the temp was too high, then no blood for them. A couple minutes later I was reading in at 98.4. I went from hot blooded (check it and see) to cold blooded in minutes. For the record, I usually have a body temp of 98.4 according to the forms I always fill out for the vampires, er blood people.

Of course "anonymous" showed back up last night and went for the expected cop out. I asked you to identify yourself. Coward! Though I am actually pretty sure I know who you are, you need to come clean. Blog etiquette (yeah, I am giving etiquette lessons, HA!) requires you post a name. Don't be a wuss. Anyway, I knew that there would be the "I didn't think you would take me seriously" comment coming. But let's look at what was said, shall we?

wow what did i start?!? i actually laughed my ass off when i read that because i
know several people from s.milw. and you could've been talking about them. i
guess tongue-in-cheek doesn't come across too well via the printed word---i
wasn't being serious, sorry it came across that way.

What you started was making comments about me that I thought were quite funny. By no means did I take offense to it. If I do, which is quite hard, I would delete it. I don't need to take shit from anyone here. However, by not identifying yourself, you caused a stir. Furthermore, by saying I need to rag on people to have something to write about, was quite hilarious.

Also, what if I was talking about someone you knew in South Milwaukee? How in the world would you know if I was? Fact is, I could care less if 1) I did insult someone you know in South Milwaukee, and 2) you know a lot of ugly people.

Bottom line is think before you post comments. And stop drinking Pabst. It is affecting your brain.

Editorial Note: I am not insulting people who drink Pabst. Even if they are hillbilly like and live in a trailer park, sporting a mullet and missing teeth. It is quite a flavorful beer and would definitely give me a headache the following day if I consumed any in great quantity. So don't leave comments that I am ragging on Pabst drinkers to make my blog worth reading.


James Wigderson said...

What about the rest of us. Can we rip on Pabst drinkers in the comments?

Anonymous said...

it was suppose to be a joke, but being drunk I screwed it up and I left off the most important part--the punch line. If anyone shows up for buckets tonight(I think Gambino knew it was me, and your Pabst comment makes me think you figured it out too)I will explain. Otherwise, when I get home tonight I will explain here. I'll probably post here anyway so your regular readers will stop demanding my blood--no pun intended with today's post.

anonymous/dejauu said...

I saw StB for bucket night tonight and I explained to him what the joke was (or was going to be). Even tho it didn't seem funny in the light of sobriety, he said he understood the laugh I was going for. As A Great Man once said "Don't post on a blog after drinking Pabst all night".