Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dodgeball, blood, and comments

I played dodgeball last night. The department I used to work staged the event. I guess they invited me so they could get their revenge. Ha! You guys missed me. But not with those damn red playground balls.

Yeah, I took my fair share of hits, made some catches, and knocked some people out. I tell you one thing, it was a helluva workout. Ages of the people playing ranged from mid 20s to late 30s. At the end, everyone was soaked with sweat, except for the ladies. Two of the girls out there were pretty damn good too.

I had prepped by watching Extreme Dodgeball on GSN. Yeah, that did me some good. Beside some very basic strategy, the game we played was slightly different. But it was still a good time. Even when we had the "dead zone" going at the end.

This morning, I must admit, I am a bit sore, but not that bad.

In about a half hour, I am off to give blood. I am shocked that they take my blood. It must be 40 proof at a minimum. I always like all the questions they ask. What I have learned is that if you engaged in sex in Africa within the last 7 years, washed off in the river, and got bit by some mosquitos, you may not be able to give blood.

Hmm...someone thinks I am shallow. Let's look at comments about Hillbilly Fest.
it must be so nice to be so perfect that you can rag on everyone else just so you have something to write about in your blog. I can't believe you are so shallow. Have a good time at the camp site this weekend. Unless of course there are some people there that don't measure up to your standards.

Let's analyze this one shall we?
it must be so nice to be so perfect that you can rag on everyone else just so you have something to write about in your blog.

Where have I claimed to be perfect? Never said I am, never will. I have the same faults as everyone one else. Not perfect, but I am glad to see you think I am. Furthermore, how often do I rag on someone in my blog. Not often. I call it like I see it.

I can't believe you are so shallow.

Shallow. Am I shallow? I don't recall ever being called shallow. I have a number of friends that read this. Please let me know if I am shallow.

Have a good time at the camp site this weekend.

So apparently this person knows me and of my plans for the weekend. Yet, they signed as "anonymous". Nice job, breaking the first law of comments. If you don't have the nerve to put your name on the comments, then don't. Hide behind your pc. C'mon, step up and show yourself! Get in the ring! (will anyone get the GnR reference there?)

Unless of course there are some people there that don't measure up to your standards.

My standards? How do you know what my standards are? If my standards are people that know what clothes are proper for public viewing, how to handle themselves while drinking, how not to create a scene, and present themselves in a acceptable manner, then yes, I have standards. I guess you go places where urinating in public is acceptable, where you can make a total fool out of yourself while slamming into strangers, where being drunk in public is not only the norm, and making a total ass of yourself is a necessity.

Never make assumptions about what I think or what I may do. You know not of what you speak of. Heck, you call me shallow, yet you are the one judging me. Who are you to judge me? That I want to know.

Get in the ring! Get in the ring! Get in the ring!


AlCantHang said...

"Antagonize me motherfucker! Get in the ring motherfucker and I'll kick your bitchy little ass!"

for the record, I only give blood when presented with a court order.

J. Gambino said...

I am thinking anonymous is just a bit off target. While you commented on the appearance of some folks, I did not get the feeling you were judging in any way. I, too,think Anonymous should "Get In The Ring" and defend her, I mean his or her statements. I know for a fact we all do the "people watching" thing. that's what makes most crappy festivals bearable. I also know that Anonymous herself, I mean hisself or herself, is guilty of the same thing you put in your blog. She, I mean he or she, just never puts it in writing.

Human Head said...

I have met shallow people, and you sir, are not shallow.

Not even a little.

Aleta said...

Wow! I guess I didn't look at it as being shallow either. And we're ALL guilty of people watching at festivals as Gambino has pointed out. I have to say I got a good chuckle out of the original post.
guess that puts all of us fellow chucklers in the same shoes.

mmbrew said...

Cool, I almost never read this but I caught a winner this time!! I've known you pretty much forever so I get to take my swings. Shallow? Nah, don't see it. You're opinionated and pig headed sure, but not shallow. Perfect? Never heard you even suggest it. I don't even consider it ragging on someone--no names and pretty generic descriptions. I've been to that "festival" (although I gave up on that one a few years back for the same reasons) and I'm surprised you stopped at what you wrote. How many pairs of Zubaz did you see?(green and gold of course) Or the people with "summer teeth"?(summer here, summer there) What about the mullets? I'm not good looking (unless you like tall, bald and geeky-hey if you do call me ;) ), but man, I look like a prince there. The place is full of almost perfect redneck stereotypes. I probably even know a little about your standards. If they ever got as low as some of the people I've seen at that festival I'd probably have to sponsor an Intervention for you.

I've been to the place and seen it, did you Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous?? ID yourself and let us know. Well, enough of my ranting, got a Heineken or two to down.
P.S. Didn't get the GnR ref. Course I wouldn't though.

All Things Dave said...

Sounds like anonymous could use a good stiff drink.

Anonymous said...

wow what did i start?!? i actually laughed my ass off when i read that because i know several people from s.milw. and you could've been talking about them. i guess tongue-in-cheek doesn't come across too well via the printed word---i wasn't being serious, sorry it came across that way.