Sunday, July 03, 2005

Poker skills at Summerfest

I knew it would be a long day. I had 5 beers in me before Brian showed up. Nice start to a Saturday. I sat there waiting, watching high school hockey on tv. Yes, it is July, 80 degrees outside, a nice sunny day and I am watching ice hockey on TV. Go figure.

When we got on the bus to head to Summerfest, we started talking with some guy who is DJ for the dance station in town. He was the "whacky" DJ type. Whatever.

We were going to check out the Chadwicks. I had caught them last year and thought they were pretty good. This year they were just ok. Not quite what I remember. Maybe it was because they were doing more new rock songs that I don't particularly care for. Such is life.

However, when they were done, Mt. Olive came on and was great. Good enough I even provide a link this time! They exuded energy. They were really into what they were doing and jammed away. I like this band but they never blew me away. Last night they did. Again, their rendition of I Wanna Be Sedated is killer. Funny thing happened during their set. Someone pointed out the guy standing next to me as being the old drummer for the band. As they point this out, the singer starts talking about the new drummer. Thank God drummers don't go postal or I would be dead right now.

After Mt. Olive, we headed over to catch David Lee Roth. Over there, some chick comes up to Brian and starts to give some sob story. She is saying how she is with some big tall blonde guy way up front. He said something about her putting on weight. As she is talking, I watch her. I am getting a total read on her. She acts like she is about to cry, and even wipes away a tear. That is if she was crying. I just about broke up there. Brian is leading her on a bit more and the story keeps going on. Being the ass I am, I butt in and say to her "So, if a tall blonde guy comes looking for a fat chick, you are her?" She threw her empty bottle of beer on the ground and stormed off. Maybe she was being honest. It felt like a reality show unfolding in front of me. I even looked around for cameras but there were none.

If you were a Van Halen fan, you had to be there. DLR sang the classic VH songs and rocked the house like only Dave can do. Great time.

OK, this post probably looks like shit, and I apologize. I admit it, I am hungover as I type this. I had to get it out of my head before I go down to Miller Park to watch the Brewers and drink more beer. I woke up this morning thinking I would make some calls and find someone(s) to drink beer all day with. Then Brian called and mentioned that I could drink beer at Miller Park too. Wow, they have beer there? What will they think of next.

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James Wigderson said...

Drummers don't go postal, they just drink themselves to death. You should'a hung out with the guy for the free booze.