Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Getting blood back into my alcohol stream

Monday was supposed to be a day of recovery. Was.

Saturday was how I figured it would be. A night at Summerfest with a lot of beer being drank. Sunday wasn't as planned though. Having a free day, I hadn't anything really planned. I figured I could just make a couple phone calls, grab a case of beer and head over to someone's house to relax and enjoy some brews.

But Brian called. He mentioned the Brewers game. Hmm...I could sit around drinking beer or I could sit around drinking beer and watching baseball. Before I know it, I am sitting in Miller Park working on a second beer in the top of the 2nd. Whatever buzz I had from the night before was alive and well.

After the Brewers blew the game, feeling all liquored up, we decided to do what any other drunk would- go to Summerfest where there is more beer waiting. At this time we made the wisest decision- not to drive but catch the shuttle. Went back to Big Mamas where I performed another Random Act of Beer, ensuring an older gentleman got a High Life.

Wow, two weeks and two Random Acts of Beer. Can I make it 3 in a row?

Now there really wasn't anyone of interest to see at Summerfest. Sometimes you go to just hang out and plop down $4 for beer just to watch women. There was a local crappy band playing, the Toys. I just about got into an argument with one of their "fans". I was speaking to his wife and telling her this band isn't that good at all. There are much better ones. She said to name one. When I threw out The Rhythm Method, she sneered to her husband, "oh, he likes heavy metal". Yes, once again, the dumb leading the deaf, as the Rhythm Method aren't quite heavy metal, but hard rock. I through out a couple more names of bands before giving up. I wasn't trying to convince her to not like this crappy band as much as I was trying to get her to realize there are many better acts playing much better music. Plus, I asked her about the faggy peach shirt her husband was wearing. He heard part of the question but nothing happened. Did I expect some guy wearing a gay shirt to come after me? Of course not!

The night wore on and I tried to find a friend of mine that was supposed to be there. She said she was done by the Amphitheater but I couldn't find her. I really wish I could tell the whole tawdry tale here but I really can't only from a standpoint of it being really ridiculous and I couldn't give all the details I would like. But let me give out one part of the story. This friend is seeing the ex-boyfriend of her best friend with the best friend not knowing any of this. She told me this earlier in the day. I have met this guy a couple of years ago at her parties and don't really know him that much. But apparently, he knows me. I am the biggest threat to his relationship with my friend. I have no clue what it is I am doing but any time she speaks with me or we go out for a drink or dinner- which maybe happens once every couple of months, he gets insanely jealous. Some dude I haven't probably seen in over 3 years has a problem with me.

So what do I do? I call her a couple times on Sunday night (I had told her I would do this) just to see what would happen. Sure enough, he reads her the riot act the next day. That is after he went home with the ex-girlfriend. So she is mad at him for what he did while he is mad at her for receiving phone calls from another guy. She goes on about how he needs to do this and that, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. She was probably in bed with him again last night.

But enough of that for now. There are a number of twists and turns in that tawdry tale that may discuss at a later time. For now, I may just play the role of the evil friend. Make a couple calls here and there just to fook with him. If someone is that insecure, then they deserve it.

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