Thursday, July 21, 2005

What is on my DVR

Yeah, I got the crack cocaine of the TV world hooked up. The DVR is either one of the greatest inventions or the worst. I have all kinds of things recorded right now. Some I may just erase. Others I watch immediately, gobbling up each episode I may have already missed, even though I have recorded the re-runs 5 times.

My favorite show right now is easy. Most Haunted. An English show on the Travel Channel. I love watching people inspect haunted houses. Being that the UK is so freakin' old, it has to have a lot of haunted places. These people go and check them out, taping everything in the middle of the night with the lights off.

They catch a lot of sounds during the night. Nothing you can say for sure is a ghost but of course they are convinced it is. I guess if you are standing in the pitch black hearing something that isn't necessarily repetitive, but does sound off, your mind will assume it is something paranormal. I will never know because I don't have the guts to go to a haunted site and walk around in the dark. I will stay on my side of the TV.

One of the things I truly love about the show, beside the inspection of the sites, is the crew. They are believers but they seem to get scared rather easily. And when they do, they cuss up a storm. It is hilarious watching them get freaked out and leave a room swearing like a sailor. All you hear is *bleep, bleep, that thing touched me bleep bleep*.

They also like to talk to the spirits. When they go into a room, they perform their "vigil", basically sitting around waiting for something to happen. When they hear something, they try to egg the ghost on to make another noise, bang something, rattle a door, to show they are really there. They are so polite too. "Will you please make a noise so we know you are here?" When being polite doesn't work, then they insult the ghosts. I ain't kidding. It then becomes "You aren't here. You don't scare me! C'mon make a noise!". Of course, they then hear something and bolt from the room.

Great show. It looks like it runs on Friday nights, but there are re-runs throughout the week.

Looks like the weekend it pretty much upon us. After all kinds of festivals, this weekend looks kinda quiet. There is the Waukesha County Fair. Tesla is playing on Saturday so I may head out there. Otherwise I have no plans. I should get some paint and paint my porch but the forecast is for rain and heat. No weather forms that tell me to stay inside and play poker.

*sigh* If Mother Nature insists I play poker, I guess I should. And if I am not playing poker, I guess I can watch one of half a dozen poker tournaments I have on my DVR.

Finally, I can help but ponder the question I heard in a song on the drive in...

Where do all the porn stars go?

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