Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Boss Day 2

Overall, I don't mind having my boss working on the west coast. It keeps her out of my hair on a daily basis. But trying to get things explained over the phone can be a bitch sometimes. Communication breakdown. We do get along well so that works too.

So today may suck because we didn't get either of our two hour meetings in yesterday. I don't know how she plans to squeeze them in today, but I am hoping her day is full. Mine isn't, but there isn't much room to meet in there for a prolonged period.

I went downstairs to get some water earlier. I noticed this one guy who was carrying around 3 bags. One was to haul the laptop. The second was a big leather attache. The third, a canvas saddle bag the company gave everyone earlier this year. I couldn't help but wonder why he had 3 bags. Is he taking that much work home? Dude, get a life! Only on rare occasions do I take something home to work on. Work is work. It isn't my life. It earns me money so I can buy beer. Simple enough.

So I may be going into a meeting in 2 minutes. Don't know as I have never talked to this person I may be meeting with and learned of said meeting yesterday during dinner. BTW, Cheesecake Factory, overrated. Must be a chick thing.

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