Friday, August 26, 2005

Checking out for the day

About an hour and a half ago I raised the white flag and requested the fork. I am done.

Go ahead. Stick me.

It is Friday afternoon and I have no work left in me. The day hasn't been totally boring. The local donut shop that made the best donuts is closing. That led to a mad rush on the place this morning. I had my chocolate bomb and was happy.

Next some mistook me for working for an escort service. Seriously, the did. They even said later they believe I would be good at it. She don't know the half of it.

Now it is in the afternoon and I just found out the girl behind me is leaving the firm. Not too surprising. We just went through a merger and a ton of people have left. Most going to work for the same company downtown. It is at times like this I wonder if I made the right choice staying on here (I did). But with people leaving like they are, one will have questions about why they are staying.

So now I have just an hour to kill before I can sneak on out of here. I guess I will grab the brainless pile of work to keep me active. Any chimp or Party Poker player can do this thoughtless process that needs to be done.

Or I could surf the net and find something interesting.

I wonder if there are any more donuts left?

1 comment:

Erik said...

I know the feeling of waiting out those last few hours. I'm salaried now, and don't work in an office so I don't have the problem anymore. The only problem I have is that when I want things to be slow they get busy, and vice versa. Those 16 hour days can really burn you down. I need a bigger salary.

If you ever get bumped to Baird downtown, let me know. I know a few good people there. Hope you have a good weekend with many pocket aces. ;)