Friday, August 26, 2005


I am a pretty spontaneous person. But I have routines I need to stick to.

My routine got busted yesterday. When I get out of work, I get home and work out. Not much but enough to feel pretty good. But if something delays me from getting out of work on time, it ruins my mindset and I probably will go home and sit on my ass, playing poker, watching TV, drinking beer, whatever.

There was a all employee meeting at the end of the day yesterday. I had totally forgotten about it. I didn't think it would be a big deal, lasting maybe an hour. An hour and a half later, I was finally out. It wouldn't have been that bad but there were two items in the meeting that were a crock. First was the "awards". Funny how the same people keep getting them. I am pretty sure they nominate each other again and again. They are supposedly the "great" workers. Hmm....I work in an area that makes sure they are not violating policies. These awards should flow through my area to make sure they are the "great" employees. I could have shot down 3 of them. And I would have liked it.

Second was the guy talking about diversity. The buzzword of the business world. Some guy wasted 15 minutes talking about it. I have no problem with the topic (except to say you really can't force it on people) but they guy may have been one of the worst speakers I have ever seen. Fumbling around with words. Lots of "ums" and "ahs". Very boring. Kill me now.

No wonder I got out of there, hit the liquor store, grabbing a bottle of Maker's Mark and fired the pc to play poker (hit quad queens to take down a big pot. The Hilton Sisters rock!). I just wanted to be numb and relax. Plus, Maker's Mark, me and poker go very well together. This is like training for Vegas. If I ain't drinking Lite, it is Maker's.

Ah, Vegas. Just 10 days out. There are a couple of parties in between as well. But nothing this weekend. I guess I could hit up a friend of a friend's party but that guy is a knob. Probably go watch some football tonight and see what develops.

Then again, I could rally the troops for happy hour.

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