Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Go ahead. Look!

After you start reading, you will realize that this post talks about hanging up shower curtains. Really exciting stuff. Thus, I decided to state it up front so you can save any precious blog reading time to move on.

On Saturday I made a run to Target to get some stuff. One of the stuff being new shower curtains. Being a guy, I don't clean shower curtains. I buy new ones. After a couple years and grungy looking curtains later, I decided it was time to replace them again. While at Target, I grabbed the clear ones. My thought process was simple. Watching a woman take a shower is a beautiful thing. With clear curtains, I can do just that.

However, there was one thing I hadn't considered.

The window.

Someone could easily watch me or someone else take a shower. I noticed this possibility as I hung the curtains up. But as I examined the situation, I said it doesn't matter. The houses are close to together and the window is a maybe about 7 feet off the ground. There are no windows that offer a great view. For me, they could see my chest. For a woman, maybe they see their breasts if they are tall enough. Being a guy, they would need a hell of an angle to see my boys dangling around. If they want to go to all that trouble, let them. Hell, all they need to do is look inside the kitchen window on a daily basis. You can see all you want there. As I said, anyone who wants to watch can go ahead. It is not a big deal to me.

I can't believe I was cut off twice on the way to work. For once, I actually was patient and waited to make a lane change. I was behind the Harley that was slowly moving along. He changed to the north bound lane at the zoo interchange. I was following, with a signal on, when a Mustang flew from behind and cut me off. While I was a bit shocked and thought the guy may have been the biggest ass on the road, I was wrong. A Honda then did the same damn thing when I let the Mustang go by. You mailto:F#@$ shithead! But in the end, I would be better off by these idiots. I spotted the mail truck ahead, sped up and left them in the dust. Ha!

In about one week from today, I should finishing up an all night poker session in Vegas. I have the silicone detectors warming up. Lots of boobs in Vegas, with maybe half being real. Man, I love that city!


J. Gambino said...

Okay so watching a woman shower is a beautiful thing. Now, the next step is to get a woman in your shower & convince her to leave the door open so you can peek at her.

StB said...

That is easy. That is when the door "unexpectedly" breaks.

Aleta said...

No...the door doesn't break, you remove the door stating that you are repainting it. Of course that would take some planning ahead

Erik said...

Tell the gal to leave the door open because of a humidity problem. Explain the benefits of getting out of the shower with a mirror that isn't fogged over. Just my two cents.

James Wigderson said...

How much will you pay mme to remove the latest post from my blog?


Aleta said...

That was funny! Get your wallet out steve or there's going to be some "Breaking News" tonight about an unusual traffic jam tonight.

P.S. what time do you usually shower?

StB said...

Great Wig! Not quite the crowd I want looking into my window. I get there is a reason to not kill the dogs next door now.

Blonde said...

I can't believe it...I bought a clear curtain so I could watch men shower naked in my house! WOO HOO!

My neighbors can see through the window, but I don't care. Tits are tits...seen a rack, you've seen them all.

I will be in Vegas with you guys in December.