Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Uh, who cut my tree down?

It seemed like a normal evening. After working out, I went outside to fire up the grill. I then took out the garbage. As I walked back to the house, I noticed a pile of branches laying next to the tree by the street.

Hmm...what is going on?

I look at the heap and notice that someone came by and trimmed a bunch of branches down. Ok. But who? I looked up and down the streets (I live on a corner) and do not see any other trees that have been trimmed. I check the tree in the front of the house and it is untouched.

I assume the city did this but am not quite sure. Wouldn't they notify me of such an event? If it was the city, they better not hit me up with a bill for this.

Now I wonder if it my responsibility to notify the city to pick up the wood, or will it lay there on my lawn?

There is all kinds of bad news out there in the world today. Poverty in the city of Milwaukee has risen. For some this is serious issue. But I can't help but feel this is taken out of context yet again. How can I say this? I am poor. It has already been documented. Thus I look at a story like this and don't feel much compassion for these people. I feel they should maybe heed the words a wise man said. If there are no jobs, affordable housing, or education here in Milwaukee, then instead of spending money on counseling, food and shelter, the organizations that are "helping" these people should hire U-Hauls and move them to where all this stuff is. Name the wise man that came up with that idea.

The devastation in New Orleans is bad enough that we do not need scumbags out there looting every store they come across. Worse are the people who try to justify the people's actions when they are carting jewelry in buckets down the street. Food I can justify. Necklaces I can't. Both are still wrong, but one will rot to nothing.

I guess the thing that really ticks me off about the devastation in the area is that the U.S. will foot the bill to fix everything. There will be no outpouring of support from the world. Granted, we do not need it. But will those Hollywood stars put forth an effort to raise some cash for these people? How about the ex-Presidents?

With all these people in need, we will still have a totally fake and staged protest continue in Crawford. Since they hired all these people to be there to make it look like they supported the cowardly Cindy Sheehan, why not use that money to help the people in Biloxi, Gulfport and New Orleans? Oh wait. I thought they cared about this country. I forgot they hate America. It is a shame they cannot put aside their political shortcomings to go help a fellow human being. Slugs will be slugs.

Gas prices took a major jump. We are paying $3 a gallon in Milwaukee. And yet there are still moronic people who think the war against terrorism is about oil. Gas is actually getting to a point of catching up with inflation. Fair value. That hurts to say.

Worse yet, some airlines are canceling flights because of a shortage of jet fuel. They fear refineries may produce more gasoline that jet fuel. Midwest better not cancel my Vegas flight. I can see it now, one week from today sitting at a bar recalling a bad beat story with Tammy the bartender.


Fat Dan said...

Will the money from Hollywood for the Hurricane be anywhere close to the money from Hollywood for the Kerry election?

I know they support getting a piece of shit into office, but what about shit out of offices? I bet that Tom Cruise knows more about hurricanes than nay reporter.

Aleta said...

Being that I'm working nights this week I've had the luxury (?) of watching CNN all day. I watched the devesation and families being reunited and medical personel transfering premature babies and critically ill people from hospitals..and then I watched the looters taking t.v.'s and microwaves. The food, water and diapers may be easier to grasp. And what the hell does one need a cart full of make-up for?

Blonde said...

Poor people cannot afford trips to vegas ;).

alot of NOLA is worse then poor, and now they have lost what little they had. devastating.

Anonymous said...

i think you need to lay off the sauce dude.... a fake protest? get real. believe it or not most people think your hero GW has his head squarely up his own ass. take a look at an opinion poll. or are those fake too?

StB said...

Opinion polls can be done to elicit the response they want.

You want an opinion poll? Look at the last election. Or was that "stolen" too?

Anonymous said...

yes, I'm sure all of the opinion polls are fixed for no apparent reason. keep dreaming wing nut. it boggles the mind the extent to which people are defending an incompetent lameduck president.