Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Monty Python visited here

One of my favorite skits from Monty Python's Flying Circus was the Spam bit. Simple yet stupidly funny.

Somehow yesterday I got this site spammed. I don't know how people got directed to this site. Maybe it was that "Next blog" button up top that pointed everyone to here. Or maybe I was on the "Just Updated" list on the dashboard. Don't know but don't really care.

I could delete those comments and normally I would. But I had to look to see what these people were doing. I do find it ironic that they leave a comment under a post titled "Some people just don't know better".

First is Aleta. I already know this woman to be a crazy, beer drinking, wild woman. She is advertising her husband's underwear. WTF? Oh wait, that is a real comment. Nevermind.

Second comment is from someone who wants me to visit their site to buy a cologne that is guaranteed to get me laid. There is a pic of some hot chick on the site laying in bed too. Is that the proof? Face it, if there was a cologne that used pheromones and got every guy laid, every guy would use it.

Next is a site for the not so gifted children. He thanks me for a good post, but also wants me to make sure the dumb kids are tagged as being so dumb. You can increase you IQ. It is called studying.

The fourth comment looks like a bunch of gibberish. Chooka-what? I thought they were trying to type Chewbacca or some other Wookie name. I take it for only $9.99 I can adopt a kid. Really? I could have my own slave labor for only $9.99. Why am I giving money to Sally Struthers? I could have some kid mowing my lawn, cleaning the house, doing the dishes on the cheap. Sign me up

Fifth is for an "internet marketing solution". He notices the ahem "greatness" of this blog and says when I have time to visit. Uh, I have no time. My internet marketing solution is called Party Poker (Bonus code IGGY). I suggest you try it. If not, just put Bonus code IGGY in a post. It is not only fun, but funny.

Blogging Baby Study Hall? They claim they have a site similar to this and I can find info about Vitamin C, antioxidants, detox, etc. Detox??? Get the hell out of here!!! That word is verboten. Unless I have completed a drinking binge. Plus, if they are promoting healthy stuff, how could their site be similar? Last I checked, I covered a Saturday of beer and partying (I have my Bash trip booked), Hooters (boobs and wings), more beer, and gambling.

I will skip the 7th comment for now as he/she has probably been skipped over in school and life many a time and hit the 8th from some dude whose profile doesn't even allow me to see what he is peddling. Too bad and he was the only one that may have been interesting.

Now back to #7. All others show up as anonymous but not Tek. Tek thinks his Eagles will do well again this year. Maybe so. They have camp issues that may be resolved and they are the team to beat in the NFC East. I truly hate/despise/loathe/admire the defensive co-ordinator, Johnson (correct me if I am wrong) as he puts together a great game plan against my Cowboys no matter who he has on the field. But simply put to all Eagles fans, talk to me when you get your FIRST Super Bowl ring. While I can count to 5, you can get to 1. 'Nuff said!

But wait, Tek also has his own blog. I visited and laughed. One comment in particular had me rolling on the floor. He said that Cindy Sheehan is a courageous woman. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No, Casey Sheehan was a courageous man. Cindy Sheehan is a bigoted hypocrite. She doesn't speak for peace. She speaks against the soldiers bringing a better life to the people of Iraq. And Tek, make no mistake about it. We are not losing a war. Open your eyes and read from both sides of the war, not just the lib side. The American soldier has kicked major ass over there and is winning. We here at home are not told every incident that happens.

Say a prayer for the coalition soldiers. They will be home when their job is done. A job that has helped millions of Iraqis and others in the region.

Now that I am all worked up, I need a blood mary. Who else wants one?


James Wigderson said...

more spam. You need to submit a post to the Badger Carnival.

Fat Dan said...

StB-So as you commented on my site, no alcohol made it home. It was all consumed in great quantity and a healthy amount of money was spent on drinks and supporting single moms. you will have to check out my updates coming soon on our trip to Niagara. Thanks for reading. keep up the good work.

Jason said...

Nice call with regard to Cindy Sheehan. Last time I checked, there was no draft in effect. Therefore, her son volunteered to join the military. I am proud and thankful that he made that decision. I am also terribly sorry that he paid the ultimate price.

However, no one forced him to join the military and end up in harms way. Cindy Sheehan is simply chasing the New American Dream - to be famous.

The media coverage she has been receiving is nothing short of nauseating.

Keep up the good work and here's hoping the Crackwagon has a good season. Go Falcons!

J. Gambino said...

Except for the Falcons part, I second Jason's comment. I also want to sat that I would have liked a bloody mary this morning. But now it is after noon and I believe that beer is in order.