Friday, August 05, 2005

Sports talk

50 hits in the 3 game series, winning 2 of 3. Losing the game they should have won, and rallying to win the others in the top of the 9th.

Looks like comments about the St. Louis Cardinals, huh? Nope. The Milwaukee Brewers did that against the Mets. 50 hits the series!!!

Hopefully they haven't used up the bats. They don't play well in Philly. But I don't see how the Phillies are that much better than the Crew. The Brewers are still learning but are getting better. This team is exciting. Next year could be something big. But for now, getting above .500 is a big deal.

Over to football. How in the world does this happen? It has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have seen in a while. The Lions have won 3 games on the road since Millen took over. 3!!! They have won a whole 16 games under his GM reign. They have yet to win more than 6 games with him pulling the talent strings. But in Detroit, this means you get to stay for 5 more years. I bet he gets paid more too.

I would be happier than hell to see this if I was a fan of any of the NFC Central teams. I like how the article touts the crafty draft picks he has made. Well, when you are drafting in the top 5 year after year, it will always look good. Sheesh. Then they make it sound like signing R.W. McQuarters , Jeff Garcia and Dan Wilkinson are big deals. Can you say done? I feel for BG and Bobby Bracelet. Think of what a real GM could do, instead of a color commentator.

Terrell Owens, turd of the Eagles, left practice with a "groin inflammation". Is that fancy talk for saying he got a boner?

In Oxnard, rumor is that Bill Parcells may extend his contract. Interesting. But boring! I guess no major news out of camp is a good thing.

Back in Wisconsin, the Packers are hosting the Buffalo Bills in a scrimmage. It will be televised. WTF? Now, I have no problem with the stations airing it to make some money. I have no problem with it being Family Day at the stadium. But don't make a big deal that the scrimmage is sold out. This is the only opportunity that most of these people will ever get to see the Packers play live unless they want to overpay and freeze their asses off in December. Because of the Packers crappy ticket policy, no one can see the team unless you have season tickets. A smart team would always keep tickets available for the general public for each game. All I am saying is that it works in Dallas.

It is still weird that they are televising a scrimmage. I bet a good number of people don't even know what a scrimmage is. I may have to head up to the bar to watch reactions. Especially when I hound them to put on the Brewers game!

So now I have learned that both Gambino and Aleta are closet pro wrestling fans. Nice!

Now go spend your weekend reading Truckin.

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J. Gambino said...

I say once the Brewers get above .500, we celebrate big time. Maybe until our blood-alcohol level is .500? No, that would be ludicrous. We could just drink a bunch and go get Webb's burgers. On a side note, I am going on the record that the only thing I am doing in the closet is being a sometimes pro wrestling fan, and maybe cleaning it once in a while. There is no reason for me to "come out" of it.