Saturday, August 06, 2005

Beer and pretzels

Ever toss a pretzel in someone's beer. Yeah, of course you have.

But have you watched it? It will float around for a while, then sink when saturated with the beer.

That is how my brain felt yesterday. Like that pretzel. It was swimming in beer at Big Mama's house. The Brewers had defeated the Phillies getting back to .500, winning at Citizens' Bank Ballpark or whatever it is called, for the first time. It was the first time they have been at .500 in August since 1998.

Yes, that long. They kept showing that stat on TV as they made a big deal out of it.

Gambino said we had to celebrate a bit. So we did.

The beer flowed nicely. Cold and tasty.

I could feel my brain floating in my skull. Sloshing around happily. Knowing I had stuff to do today, I didn't want to be out too late, so I called it rather early. Or I think I did. Not sure when I left.

But my pretzel brain was floating along. Had a couple more beers when I got home. It was time for drunken poker.

But then my brain began to sink. It was saturated. I know because I pushed with 9 3 off on a board of overcards. Yeah, the pocket rockets demolished me. But my brain had sunk. I was done.

Time for sleep.

I woke up feeling ok. Someone had dumped the soggy pretzel out of the glass. After getting the lawn cut, playing some poker and other stuff, the only other thing to do is to clean and refill that glass. Going to the freak show, er State Fair. Should be an interesting night.

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Aleta said...

You need to try putting a Combo in beer sometime. It's good for about 15 minutes of grabbing one's attention.
Enjoy the freak show! (*gosh, tuff to be shallow).

*meant as a joke