Thursday, August 11, 2005

Stupid is as stupid drives

Traffic in the Milwaukee area has been rather suckish lately. With the major construction going on the Marquette interchange and along I-43, more traffic is going south on I-45. When this happens I will usually cut through the north part of the city along Appleton avoiding the stop and go conditions on the freeway. It is also a couple of minutes faster but the time isn't the factor. I just hate slowly moving along an area I should be flying in.

It is better except for the numbskulls you come across every once in a while. Like yesterday, there was a chick who pulled out of a parking lot and blocked traffic so she could make her left turn. I shit you not. She pulled out blocking two lanes of traffic, oblivious to how stupid and dangerous this was, just so she could make her turn. It is times like this I wish I had a beaten up vehicle. I would have liked to ram this moron into T-bone city.

Then there was the guy who decided to let every semi on the freeway get in front of him. He took the one fast lane moving away from the stadium and killed it himself. Idiot. For those of you who want to avoid crappy traffic after Brewers day games, here is the hint: Stay in the left lane. Drive by everyone who will head south on 43 and cut back across at the exit. Plenty of room down there to do so.

I guess I can complain about the crappy traffic after the Brewers performance against the Cards. Granted they lost to one of the best teams in baseball. But to come off a nice road trip and drop those games was disappointing. The bats were dead. The pitching bit and the got creamed. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end of the season. I am not looking for this team to make the playoffs but to play hard nose baseball until the end of September. Yet every year they hit a bad losing streak in the summer that puts them out and leads to even poorer play. With the Reds coming to town, there is no reason they cannot bounce back. If they want to.

On a cheerier note, the biggest a-hole in the league is doing a great job at destroying the Eagles from within. Terrel Owens is beginning to test Reid even more. And I like it. Anything that may close the gap between the Cowboys and Eagles is good news to me. Owens proves once again he is not a team player. I like the excuse he used to skip the team autograph session. He was rehabbing an injury. A groin injury. We all know how signing your name can affect your groin. Sitting there holding a pen and moving it around is very aggravating the groinal area. Until Owens learns that football is a team sport, he will never win himself a ring.

Meanwhile in Cowboys camp, it appears that Coach Parcells is worried about spys. That is a good one. Like anyone is taking notes on this team to improve their own. Then again, Danny Snyder needs to learn a lot still.

I have been enjoying the daily video clips over at I noticed two things going on with them. The Cowboys have sold the crap out of these 1 minute clips. Seems every day has a different sponsor. Ford, Verizon, an energy company. Some shrewd business down there. That got me to thinking. What other teams are doing this? With a quick unscientific look around, I noticed only two have multimedia training camp updates in the NFC. The Deadskins and Eagles. Only 2. A lot of teams need to catch up with the times. It can't cost that much to do a 1 minute update and post it to the net.

Some quick responses to comments: For the record, no Dave, I didn't miss a thing. I don't feel the need to see koalas. I may have been sick if I had seen that. StunBnum, I like how you are indecisive about whether being gay is worse than being a Cubs fan. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Being gay that is. To the Blonde, how can being a Brewers fan be evil? They are the most non-threatening team in the league. But they are my team *sigh* and I will live and die with them. Jason, what is your hookup on thinking I am gay? I am not. So stop trying to ask me out. Homie don't play that. Finally, Gambino. I spat my beer out when I read the comment about Get Fuzzy. Too.Fuckin.Funny. I hope that is true. I could use some right about now. Then again, I could use some anytime.


Blonde said...

I have serious road rage issues, so I will refrain from commenting on the topic.

No matter what happens with TO and the Eagles, it isn't going to matter what the Cowboys do, they will still suck. Even with the God Tuna as their coach. I grew up on Cowboys football, and I love them, but they need a lot to make it this year

StunBmun said...

Being gay is not bad (I'm not).
Being a Cubs fan is not good (most years including this one).
Whis is worse? Depends on if you're a homophobe or a Brewers fan. Milwaukee traffic is a breeze compared to Chicago traffic. But that's like saying the 3rd ring of hell is a breeze compared to the 4th. And it's "StunBmun". "StunBnum" makes no sense at all.