Saturday, September 10, 2005

The End is Near!

The season is just about over. It has been filled with ups and downs. Good times and bad times. Exciting and ugly. With just enough for one to be excited about next year.

No, I am not talking about the Milwaukee Brewers.

I am talking about the Drinking for Jesus tour!

DfJ rolled into the last stop of the year, St. Gregory the Great. Mt. Olive was playing in one tent while some unknown group was in the other. Unfortunately, MO was in the tent where they served Bud. We had to walk to the other side to get real beer. I guess a little exercise won't kill you. But you think they would learn. The beer people were bored. Not busy at all. Meanwhile the guy selling the Miller bottles was busy. It didn't help that he was an idiot. Didn't understand that he should sell the beer, not stock the tub with 12 people in line.

Nothing notable about last night. Hardly anyone was in the tent to watch Mt. Olive. That has to hurt to see no one watching you play. Things will be different tonight though. Bobby Friss is in town. Someone mentions Miller is a sponsor of him so it should be interesting to see what he does by the Bud people.

I will miss seeing some of the interesting shirts that have been seen. I saw a kick ass Iron Maiden shirt. It was actually a soccer jersey. Said Maiden on the collar as well as the front. Nice patch of Eddie too. It was very subdued which made it cool.

I also saw a "Trust me, I'm a blond" shirt. I didn't know the Blonde was in town! But a quick second look at the rack told me it definitely wasn't her. Is she franchising out?

There were too many kids running around the ground last night. I felt sorry for them. Can't drink anything but soda. I shudder back at those days. I mean, what would camping be like if there wasn't any Jack and Coke flowing during the rain?

Time to see Bobby. Maybe I will have a Vegas recap then. If you want the poker side of the recap, go to Beer City Poker.


Erik said...

There needs to be a website and t-shirts for the DfJ tour. I love the idea, and I'm not even catholic or religious in any way, but I would have to buy into it if I saw it.

Blonde franchising out would be a very good thing, but I don't know if they could maintain the high quality of the original. We can only hope.

Welcome back home as well.

StB said...

Don't be too surprised if you don't see something like that next season.

And I agree, there is most likely nothing like the original.

Thanks for the welcome. You should join me and some friends on the south side during the Packer games. Though I am a Cowboys fan, I watch a lot of football with my friends who are not as worthy as I am. Just kidding!!!

Blonde said...

I am not franchising out. I actually bought that shirt at Aeropostale because of guys that always ask...are you a real blonde? I don't have carpet to match the curtains, so you just have to trust me ;).