Monday, September 12, 2005

You know how it goes

It pained me a bit to move the dial over last night. But it had to be done. All so I can take it easy and drink. I believe that is the reason why anyone works. To have money for beer (or liquor).

So when the alarm went off this morning, I wasn't too happy. I was groggy from the opening day of football still. But I woke up with a smile after the Cowboys victory. Always nice to win a tough one to start the season. I slowly got myself up out of bed just to notice it was still dark out. WTF? It was bad enough I had to wear pants but without the sun to greet me? That sucked.

Yeah, my vacation was over. 11 days of drinking was done. And I had a great time.

So now I sit at work, going through 250 emails, and planning the December trip. I even put in the request for the days off. Thankfully there is the Bash at the Boathouse to sustain me.

But let's get back to business here and talk football. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys beat the San Diego Chargers yesterday in what appeared to be a good football game, with a big ending. While the rest of the country watched the Chargers come up short, I was stuck watching the Packers lose pathetically to a not-that-good Lions team. Then it was even worse as they cut to the Rams dropping one to the Niners. WTF? No score or update to tell me the Cowboys game was done. Why didn't they cut to the Cowboys/Chargers game with 2 minutes left and the Lions assured of victory? It was bad enough that the Packers/Lions was a late game. But NOOOOOOO, we get stuck with crappy football instead of watching America's Team.

There was some really bad football yesterday. Again, how do the Rams lose to the Niners? The Seahawks to the Jags? The Vikings to the Bucs? The Panthers to the Saints? I hope we are going to have the Saints shoved down our throat throughout the entire season because of the tragic circumstances of New Orleans.

I am off to meetings now. How I miss the poker tables already. Where is Lucy with my beer?

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