Friday, September 02, 2005

Football Friday

Before I get to the best sporting season of the year, I must say that I am sickened by how some people need to politicize the catastrophe in the Gulf. It is shocking how anyone can even think that a politician, no matter what party, would get any-ANY- happiness out of a tragedy that hurts American citizens. I feel sorry for anyone who jumps on other people's misery to further their own agenda. You are simple, petty, pathetic people. Get your head out of your ass and do something to help the less fortunate for once instead of trying to assign blame.

And I now get to the topic at hand...

Football season is just around the corner.

The Cowboys looked good last night with the first team offense scoring on the opening possession. As I read this morning, it appears they didn't play against the Jags 1st team defense. To that I say: So what? They should roll on second stringers. and they did it easily. That is encouraging. I would have to say the Cowboys had a good pre-season. At least one they can build momentum on. I am excited for the season to start. With that said, I think the Cowboys will go:


After reviewing the schedule, I don't' see how they cannot sweep the Deadskins and Gints. They may be able to take one from the Eagles, but I am conceding both games. Hey, I am a realist. The Eagles are still the best team in the NFC East (like that Blonde? Hey, I even drafted TO in the fantasy league last night!).

But I think the Cowboys may be closing the gap. It all depends on the defense for them. They may have two shut down corners. This can allow Roy Williams to creep up into the box more and play all over the field; something he excels at. Plus, with Keith Davis in the defensive backfield, no receiver is safe. The Cowboys have two very hard hitters back there.

On offense, Julius Jones is the focal point. He will get the ball a lot. However, he is not the key to success. Drew Bledsoe is. Yep, Bledsoe. Every defensive coordinator knows they will run and pop 8 up front to stop them. The QB needs to take the heat off and hit early and often to open the field. I think Bledsoe has enough in him to lead the team to the playoffs once again.

As for that local team, who are they again? Oh yeah, the Packers. I see them going maybe 9-7, give or take a game. The defense is bad. Carroll will be toast at CB. Actually, he may not be burned that much because he consistently is called for holding. In the pre-season this team did very little to show any consistency. They have looked either sharp or totally out of sync. It could be a very long year for Packer fans.

At this time, I think the Vikings and Eagles will be battling for representation of the NFC. Of course, injuries can change things dramatically. I laugh at Sports Illustrated's pick of the Carolina Panthers. Just because everyone may be healthy doesn't mean it translates into winning football. They may be good, but I can't see them being that good.

So go ahead and state your team and your thoughts on how they will do this year. I am curious to see what others think.

SI has a new story on the Cowboys today. Good to hear someone else talk them up to.


djw said...

re=word verification. I thought that was why. I had to try several times until I came to a word with letters I could read.

Blonde said...

If you drafted TO just to get into my pants, it worked ;).

I love the Cowboys too. I used to masturbate to Troy Aikman daily.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

I cannot defend what randi rhodes said. Idiotic. However, it's fucking flabergasting to think that some people have been living in a smelly shit infested convention center or football stadium FOR DAYS with little or no help. And the bottom line is that the our government, headed by the president, is responsible getting people help in these situations. And the fact there are STILL people stuck in the city 5-6 days later is disturbing and inexcusable. It is great that you are calling for people to do what they can to help, but it is natutal when you see what's happening on TV and in person to wonder why the fuck something isn't being done faster and to place blame on those responsible for getting help.

StB said...

Ok, "anonymou", first if you leave a comment, you should identify yourself.

Second, I agree with some of the things you have said. It is pretty bad that help couldn't get there faster and that Americans should have to live is such conditions.

But the circumstances here weren't ordinary. Is one to expect looters, thugs, rapists and other criminals to take over the city? Is one to expect to have rescue workers attacked, shot at as they try to help people? Those facts hindered the rescue effort as well. FEMA had to pull out their people because it wasn't safe.

This isn't a perfect world. My point is that efforts should be focused on helping, not blaming. When all is said and done, the experts can learn from this and be better prepared for any future disasters.