Thursday, September 01, 2005

Not too bad

The Cowboys came out playing some good football in the first half of the last pre-season game. Defense gave up a short field touchdown on a good kick off return. But the offense looked great (or so it seems as I "watched" on Bledsoe went 7 of 8 (was perfect until the last pass in the end zone) and Jones ran for 75 yards on 11 carries.

Things look good for the upcoming season. I think the Cowboys can go 10-6 and make the playoffs.

More thoughts on this tomorrow as I hit up on Football Friday. I will cover why the Cowboys may be pretty good- much to the disbelief of others- and why the Packers are in trouble. So Packer fans can load up on delivery their comments already.

I also encourage others to declare who your team is and how you think they will do. Please, let's keep the bullshit out of it all. Anyone who comes in declaring the Cowboys suck or any other crap will be deleted. I can take constructive criticism. I love a good argument. Let's enlighten one another with our thoughts.

Unless you are a Deadskin fan. You will be put in your low life place. Where you deserve to be.


djw said...

just got home from the bar after watching the packer game. favre got hurt--this could be a good thing(he's got way too much on his mind and if this was going to be his last year, and he is hurt--should he really come back for half a season?). i think we saw the qb heir apparent tonight. What the hell is with this word verification crap just to leave a comment?????

StB said...

I wouldn't be too excited about Rodger quite yet.

Word verification is to mess with drunks like you.

Erik said...

I'm scared when it comes to this season's Packers. They needed defense in the draft and who's the first draft pick? A freakin' QB. Our defense would have a hard time keeping up with a college team, let alone a NFL team. I'm not expecting much this season.

All Things Dave said...

The mighty Pittsburgh Steelers will be the best team this year.

Fear them.