Friday, September 23, 2005

It's always sunny in Philadelphia

Have you seen this show on FX? It ain't bad. Gambino turned me on to it. Good stuff.

I am off to the Great Philladelphia area for the Bash. My day has gotten off to a slightly bad start. It may be sunny in Philly but it's cold in Milwaukee. Making me break out a pair of jeans for the flight. No wonder, today is the first day of fall.

I also tried to get my football picks in but that damn Maxim site wouldn't cooperate. Screw them!

My flight better not be delayed. Website says it is on time so that is good. Either way I have a reason to drink. Bad start or turn for the better.

Have a good weekend everyone. Pictures come Monday?

1 comment:

Blonde said...

It is hot and humid here in Philly.

I hope to see you on Saturday at the Boathouse. If not, we will meet in December in Vegas.

Have a safe and drunken trip.