Thursday, September 22, 2005

The thunder rolls

The thunder and lightening woke me up this morning. I think it was around 4. Storm seemed pretty nasty. Lots of rain. But not bad. Not like what part of Texas is going to get hit with. Say a prayer for those people

The weather here is going to cool off a bit this weekend. That is fine with me. I am getting packed up for the Bash at the Boathouse. Is there something wrong with going halfway across the country to get drunk with some people you met back in June? Hell no! Dr. Pauly summed it up best. It is paraphrased because this damn firewall at work won't let me pull his exact quote:

With all the weird shit in life, take chances to go enjoy yourself and get to know people better.

At least that is what I recall. But I did get the message. Some people do not take chances in their life. They do not go off to explore new worlds and experiences. One thing I never want to have is regrets. If I can, I like to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Thus I am heading towards Philly to party.

I had a great time with this people in Vegas. One regret was not getting a chance to talk more with Al. We have exchanged some Dial-a-Shots over the last couple of months. So when he extended an invite for the Bash, I had to take him up on it. Think about it. I like beer. I like parties. I like music. I like a good bar. I like good people. Looks like I am going 5 for 5 this weekend. Hell, I may even do a bar review on the Boathouse. Haven't done one of those in a while. From what I have seen from the Boathouse website, I should likelove this place. Even if it does have Philadelphia Eagle stuff hanging around. Hey, if a Dallas Cowboys sticker ends up on a wall somewhere, it wasn't me! Good looking beer menu and chicken wings. Do I need anything else?

But for today, there is work to do. Enough to keep me busy. But the monotony of the day will be broken up by the great food experiment. They feed us here in the building. The food is good. Nothing overly fancy but they have a sandwich bar where have have them build you whatever you want, a good salad bar, the main entree, pizza, soup, fruit, and pudding. Somehow it is all a tax writeoff. But to substantiate it, they need to collect data on people going out to eat. So today, a lucky (?) group of people is being sent out to restaurants in the area to see how long it takes to get there, eat, the cost, and get back to the office. Once all the data is known, they will tell us if they will continue to put food on our plates or not I guess. Offhand, I can pretty much guarantee nothing will change. Most people (not me) have only 30 minutes for lunch. There is no way they can get to their car, go out and get something to eat, and get back within that half hour. It takes a minimum of 5 minutes just to get to your car here.

So I am hoping I get a good draw on a restaurant. I am hoping for one of the better Chinese places in the city. A free meal there is worth collecting the data for them. I better not be sent across the street to the gas station for microwave burritos!

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