Friday, September 30, 2005

No review yet

As much as I want to finish off the Bash report with a Boathouse review, I have been too busy the last couple of days. Last night was a charity poker game at work that yours truly took down. I am not sure what my prize is/was. I believe it is a chip set. Either way, we raised some money for a good cause. If you are interested, you can read about it here.

I will be heading out to freeze my ass off tonight. It is the last camping weekend with the gang so I figured I might as well do something different that getting drunk in a bar with my friends. I will get drunk around a big fire with my friends. Hopefully it won't be too cold at night.

Football this weekend looks scary. The Badgers should have no trouble with Indiana. But the Cowboys game scares me. They should beat the Raiders. But with what Randy Moss has done to them over the years, it looks like it could be an ugly game. If they start like they did against the Niners, it will be.

The Brewers have a chance to end at .500 or better. The media is over the top on this one. The local paper is even showing a "magic" number in the paper. How stupid and pathetic is that? The Crew has done well this year, beyond what most people thought. We have something good beginning here. The offseason will be interesting. If they can add another pitcher or two, they could be a contender next year. Yes, the Milwaukee Brewers could be a contender next year. I am sober as I type that too.

Happy Friday everyone. If I remember to grab my camera, maybe I can post some pictures value my life, I will never bring a camera to take pictures about the weekend.

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