Friday, September 30, 2005

What do you do about bad service

Do you have the nerve to get up and leave?

I do. In fact, that is what I did at lunch. A group of 6 headed over to the local Tumbleweed for lunch. They have their special lunch menu designed to get you in and out quickly.

At least that is what it is designed for. It helps if you don't get crappy service.

We got there around 11:45 and were told it would be about 15 minutes. So we grabbed a spot at the wide open bar, figuring that maybe we would eat there. But we also noticed the patio was empty and asked if it was closed. The bartender asked a waitress if she would like a table and if she could take her of his "peeps". I shit you not, we were now his peeps.

Just as we walk out, another big group goes in front of us. Right then we knew we were in trouble. We are the 3rd group out there. Our waitress gets the other group and them comes over for our order. We place our order around noon. At about 12:10, we notice that our drinks have yet to come. One girl gets up to check it out. She tells us the drinks are sitting on the bar. She tried to bring them to us but they wouldn't let her. Another 5 minutes go by and our drinks arrive.

Maybe the telltale sign is when the waitress keeps giving you bowls of chips and salsa is that you are getting screwed. At 12:25, my friend goes up to talk to a manager. He tells us we will be taken care of. Whatever that means.

At 12:30, we are offered more chips and salsa! I could have used another margarita at that point.

At 12:40, another girl in the group decides we have had enough. We can't wait anymore. She gets up and grabs her purse. I agree with her and stand up, putting on my sunglasses. As we turn to leave, our food now shows up. 40 minutes after we order.

We start out the door just to watch the other 4 people in our group stay behind to eat. WTF? If I am getting shit service, I will let them know and walk out. I can't believe these people stayed behind. They talked tough but when the time came to make a stand, they sat and took it.

One of them is a cheap sonofabitch anyways. I bet he got them to package up the burgers we ordered so he could eat them for supper.

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