Monday, September 12, 2005

Wanted: A bar to watch football in

I did go up to Big Mama's to watch football yesterday. I tell you, it is not the same. I really miss PJ's Blue Chip pub. The vibe wasn't there. The personality wasn't there. The characters weren't there. Pete and Kim weren't there.

It just isn't the same.

Yeah, I had an ok time with some friend but I miss the wheel spins for shots, the DVD player giveaway, and the bartenders. Watching the koala go up for 5 plates of food. Watching Bruce try to take food home. The "screw it we lost, let's party to forget it" or "Yes, we won! Let's celebrate!" attitude that followed each game.

It could be a long season in more ways than one for some people.


Aleta said...

So , was she there?? The bear girl I mean. We'll find someplace to watch the games at. Your friend Gambino has invited me to join the two of you Sunday upstairs at her house to watch the game.

All Things Dave said...

It should be a constitional right that all men have access to a real sports bar that is cigar friendly.

btw, the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-0. watch for them in the Super Bowl.

Question: How does one pace themselves to drink during an entire NFL football game? Around the end of the 3rd quarter things get to be tough - especially if it is a "school night" and you have to go to work the next day.