Friday, October 21, 2005

And I thought free beer would interest everyone

Yep. People bailed on me. Beer tastes good. Free beer tastes even better. Thus I thought everyone would jump at the opportunity.

Ok, so the notice was rather short. They had other plans. I can forgive them.

I still went out. Not for that free beer, but to hand with a friend at BW3s for a bit. I got my beer there so things were good.

Except for missing my dial-a-shot with Al. I had it all planned out too. I was going to be on the offensive and get a shot with my beer at BW3. But when I got there, I forgot to take my phone out and missed his incoming call. Damn. So when I got to Big Mama's later, I made sure to get a shot right away and made the return call.

To voicemail.

BTW, Jim Beam Black > Jack Daniels. Don't be fooled by the hype.

I tried again about 45 minutes later. Voicemail.

Alas, I probably have been dropped off the list now. If not, I will be for using "alas".
Then I see the Blonde would have liked a dial-a-shot. Quite hard with a number. I walked out on the deck at the bar and yelled out for her but got no answer. Nobody wanted to drink with me. *sigh*

But forget that whinyness. On to football this weekend! The Cowboys have a tough game against the Seahawks. I believe there is a stat out there that says after every big Sunday night game, Shaun Alexander is very ineffective the following week. I think he may be a non-factor in this game as well. The Cowboys defense is playing well- except for giving up one big play a game. They should be able to stop Alexander and shut down the passing game. But on offense, the Boys need to run the ball. Don't know if Julius Jones will play or not. He has practiced but may see limited action if any. They will need to run the ball and I think Tyson Thompson can be the man. If not, they should be able to pass the ball and squeak out a victory. I think as long as they don't play like they did last week, they can win this game.

Of course, I won't see it. The local stations are showing the Packer/Viking game (no surprise) and then the Ravens/Bears game. WTF? They need to stop showing the divisional rival games when the Packers are not playing. I am sick of watching crappy football on Sundays when there are a ton of great games out there. Chargers/Eagles. Broncos/Giants. Cowboys/Seahawks. Each of the NFC East's games should be good. But we won't see them here. I actually should get a dish and the Sunday Ticket just for this year.

Couldn't help but think my coffee would taste better with a little whiskey in it.

The Scariest Places on Earth is on all day tomorrow starting around 2pm CST. There looks to be a new episode or two in the mix. They have a new version called Fear Force after it too. The DVR will be working overtime tomorrow.


Blonde said...

I thought that you had my number from when I had to call you and congratulate you (grrrrr...fucker)when the Cowboys won.

StB said...

Sometimes my phone doesn't pick those up.
...when the Cowboys won.
You should say that more often. You will feel better. See. I feel better.

The Cowboys won. Aahhhh.

Blonde said...

Um, no it does not make me feel better. I am still bitter about that loss.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Yea yea yea quite your whining!!! BTW, JD is better!!! ;)