Thursday, October 20, 2005

Today's Special...Free Beer!!!

Thursday, October 20th at 6PM
at the beautiful Pabst Theater
located at 144 E. Wells Ave

There will be one hour of free Moonshine Porter and Pumpkin Ale for all Mug Club members to enjoy. Courtesy of Rock Bottom Breweries. Plus, you can sign up for the Mug Club when you show up and still suck down the suds for free. Who's with me?

I had the intention of heading out to the pub last night but that never happened. Instead I played some poker. Sober. No wonder I just did ok. Not great, just ok.

I have Vegas on the brain today. Only because I screwed up my flight plans. Nothing major. I forgot I had taken Dec. 8 off. When I booked the flight I chose an evening flight that I could hit right after work. Now, I will probably try to fly standby and get out of here earlier if I can.

One lucky person wins all $340 million. Guess I have to call the Bellagio and cancel my "winning trip" for this weekend. Speaking of the longshots, how does Phil Garner actually manage a team to the World Series? Seriously. He did nothing with the Brewers or Tigers but takes the Astros all the way to the Series. Maybe he has some managing talent after all. I liked him when he was in Milwaukee, but he couldn't manage pitching to save his life. Good thing he has solid starters and a dead on closer.

Other that this drivel, I really have nothing else today. I am thinking of changing the look here soon. I have something in mind so don't be surprised if over the weekend you see a change. I think it is fitting but will leave it in your hands whether it stays or goes. In the meantime...

Who is going to drink beer with me tonight?


Fat Dan said...

I would love to go get my drink on with you tonight, too bad i live about 6 hours away. Pour one out for your homies.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Ummm StB....Thanks for FINALLY getting that info out... A WEEK later....Geeeeez some peoples kids... Anyways drink one for me, hell you need to drink a few cases for me.... =)

J. Gambino said...

man, and I have plans. I already have a Mug Card too!

Erik said...

I wish I could be there drinking with you this evening. I am stressed out and beer deficient right now. I'm stuck in Des Moines for the next 24 hours, tho. Dammit.

Blonde said...

Call me tonight for dial-a-shot.

Just as a heads up, when you change the look of your blog, you lose all of your links and have to re-enter them.

I expect to be at top of the list ;)