Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bledsoe...All day...-Joe Buck-Fox Sports

Those are the words that I thought I would never hear. Joe Buck was never more right. He was beyond spot on.

I have nothing against the Eagles. I give them credit. It is not like they are the scum of the Earth like the Deadskins.

Because if there is one person I respect in the NFL (and hate with a passion) to rule total havoc on the Cowboys offense is Jim Johnson (Defensive Coordinator of the Beagles). He has been known to kill the Boys again and again.

But Sunday was different. I told you I liked my Boys to win. You can call it what you want.

And I know that the some of you at the Blonde's website thought I was nuts. Yeah, you thought I was some overzealous Cowboys fan. But my buddy, the Wig, a fellow Cowboy fan, was with me. I spoke with him after the game as we giggled about the easy victory. We knew the vast majority was misled. They just don't get it. You don't understand America's Team.

But remember this. I never guaranteed a Cowboys victory. I didn't talk shit. I just said I liked their chances. I REALLY liked their chances. A wager was made. There was a lot of things about this game that pointed to a Cowboys victory. It looked too easy for those who like to wager on the games.

And they responded.

Beagles fans...Can you say DOMINATED.

I mean...DO MIN A TED!!!!!!!

Say what ever you want. The Cowboys owned you. Their defense stifled your offense . How many yards of offense did you have? Not much. 200? 225? You were owned!! Totally! They smacked you in the mouth and you did nothing.

Your defense did little. The Cowboys scored early and often. Your defense couldn't stop them. Drew Bledsoe passed that ball around like he was playing with kids. He hooked up with Terry Glenn to put you away before the first half was over. That was exactly what the Cowboys needed to do. They set the tone.

And your response was mute.

And that was without our starting middle linebacker. Dat was out. But it didn't matter.

Our offense hit you hard, early and offense. And you couldn't do anything about it.

I didn't gloat about it either. I gave my friend Al a call before the beginning of the game for a Dial-a-Drink. We traded a few messages beyond that, but I gave him a call after all was said and done and a shot was done to toast the victors. There was no reason to talk shit as nothing was said before the game. I hate that bullshit. If you don't say anything before the game, you have no right to say anything after.

I will stay say this. I like the Cowboy's chances early last week. I never backed done. I put it on the line and the Cowboys hit the field like I expected them to.

Those that don't believe in America's Team will never get it.

I think the Blonde will look damn good in a Aikman jersey. Without a T-shirt underneath of course. You think she could have at least called me to congratulate me.... At least she could have danced with me.


Erik said...

I'm pretty easy when it comes to who everyone cheers for in football season. I'm a Packers fan through and through, but I'm not going to despise anyone for their team. I might have leaned closer to the Eagles this time around, but that's only because Blonde has a much nicer chest than you, StB. If you up the ante with beer, it may become closer to an even playing field again. *laughs* It may take a lot of beer to trump Blonde's breasts, tho.

You want to talk domination, tho, look at what happened with the Packers/Saints game. 52 to 3? Where was this version of the Packers the last month or so? I'm still in shock.

StB said...

Yeah, they opened the can of whoop ass on the poor Saints. It was good to have people in a good mood during a football game again.

Blonde said...

Blonde wasn't making or taking calls last evening. I was in mourning.

I admit that I am a sore loser :(.

Aikman jersey isn't so bad...he was a regular in my masturbatory fantasies for much of the '90's.

Fuck Fuck Fuck! I can't belive I lost that bet.