Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ditzy bartenders

There is one thing that can really make a night interesting, drunk, and profitable. All you need is a ditzy bartender. Some eye candy that gets confused easily. All by herself. With no prodding from anyone.

The nice girl at Big Mama's was beyond ditzy last night. Yeah, someone will call me a jackass for calling her a ditz but hey, I call 'em like I see 'em.

I would say there were 5 rounds of shots that weren't paid for along with another 3 rounds of beer. I had a good buzz by the time I got out of there. And yes, she was tipped well for her efforts. Major rule of drinking: If you are not paying for the drinks you have to give the bartender a damn good tip.

Yet she wasn't doing anything to screw over the bar. She was just being herself. I heard she hadn't had much sleep. Couple that with some drinks and she was in her own little world. I do recall her popping out shotglasses for everyone, going to the buyer, looking confused and finally saying "What the fuck? Um.. 10 bucks". Not bad for what should have been 14 bucks.

Unfortunately her shift ended early and she was replaced. Ah, but for the brief time it was nice.

But that was the 4th bar we had hit that day. It started at Hooters for some wings. Then it was off the melting pot of Milwaukee, Ray and Dots. Damn great crowd there every time. It was then to Longshots were it was basically a sausage factory. One and out there. If B had any clue where he was going, we would have hit another dive bar but he got lost and decided to hit Big Mama's.

I am off to watch football. Still like my Cowboys today, though I am in the minority. Things feel good for an upset. That or the wings are giving me an ulcer.

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