Thursday, October 27, 2005


Yesterday I joked about Milwaukee's blight. Today I am not joking about my stomach turning.

Because some things that I have read over the last couple of days are not just disgraceful, but disgusting.

This is not about choosing a political party. This is not about being for or against the war in Iraq. This is about common decency. And the lack of it by some organizations in this country that will take advantage of fallen soldiers to further their cause.

You have heard by now that 2000 of our best have died defending our country in Iraq. But you may not be aware of some of the vigils and fund raising efforts that are being held to celebrate this supposed milestone. Yes, you read it right. I said these groups are celebrating. They are taking advantage of soldier's deaths to basically put more soldiers at risk under the guise of bringing them home. They are using this time to raise money for their causes. Causes that hate the United States and support the terrorists who will not let Iraqi citizens choose their fate. And don't be fooled. American soldiers are not fighting "insurgents". They are fighting terrorists from all over the region that hate America. Those terrorists do not give a rat's ass about the Iraqi people.

The coward Cindy Sheehan says she will chain herself to the White House gates all she wants. her crazy ass should be tossed in a mental ward. All the anti-war groups that claim they support the troops are only putting fuel on the fire, encouraging terrorists to fight back by having the media show clips of their demonstrations. Our enemy thrives on those clips.

But still, you gather to help the terrorists kill innocent Iraqi police, soldiers, and children. You care not of the Iraqi people who are the targets now. You just want to further your own agenda while you ignore the great progress that has been made to make Iraq a better place.

And you make me sick.

I will not list the groups. They will not get any mention from me. You can find them yourself if you choose. I hope you will not.

In the meantime, say a prayer for our troops and raise a glass to them. We should be proud of them. I know I am.

UPDATE: For some independent coverage of our troops efforts, check out Michael Yon's blog. Reports that the military or MSM won't tell you.

UPDATED ONE MORE TIME: And just what do you think Saddam was going to do with $1.8 billion? Give it to the people? Not quite. Shocking results too:

  • The French did not but turn their back at the bank. No wonder they didn't want to go into Iraq. It would cost them money.
  • The Russians profited nicely through their Moscow embassy. No wonder they didn't want to go into Iraq. It would cost them money.
  • Former Clinton friend and pardoned crook screwed the United States once again. Yeah, that Clinton was such a good President. No wonder Clinton didn't want to go into Iraq. It would cost them money.

What they don't mention is how much Kofi Annan and his cronies made off of the deal.


J. Gambino said...

God bless all who serve.

Blonde said...

This is a touchy topic for me since I am from a military family and have a brother in Iraq now.

All I am going to say is that supporting our troops is important because they are fighting for the freedom so many (especially those protesting the war) take for granted. I am grateful for my freedom and glad that someone is willing to risk their lives for it. I am too much of a pussy to fight for myself.

My father was a Vietnam Vet and the disrespect he received when he came home disgusted him and he never got over it. The soldiers of this war are experiencing the same thing with these asshole protestors. Americans should be kissing the asses of all miltary personnel. Without them, we would not be living in the land of the free or the home of the brave.

Fat Dan said...

One of your best posts yet. Good to see you are voicing opinions that might now be taken well. I like it.

I also agree completely with you on this issue.

djw said...

That is what I like about your site. Is is very entertaining AND you say what needs to be said.

TomInWestBend said...

Amen to that, I have been reading Yon for about a year now. Very good read. Thanks for your support of our troups.

The Old Ranter said...

You speak from the heart, and speak the truth. Good stuff. I'm an old vet, had eggs tossed at me too. Support our troops. Damn right.

Erik said...

A lot of people in the US have become armchair whiners. They sit in their posh homes and judge other people, ideas, and cultures. They need to get away from their books and TV and theories and live in the realworld for a while. I despise that they embrace their right to free speech to spit on all our other freedoms. Even though they make me ill from time to time, I wouldn't take away their rights, tho.

I think Jefferson said it best with, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."


WhisKeYGyrL said...

STB... I have to agree with you on these comments!! I too have a few who are or who have served in this one and many others. It sickens me to see people disrespected honored men and women who put their life on the line to support the benefits many americans take for granted....
If also have to say, I am impressed and honored to know such a talented writer. (yes, STB you)... I'm also glad your part of the "family". ;)

Anonymous said...

First of all, I would like for you to provide some proof to back up the assertion that war protests are fanning the flames of the insurgency in Iraq. I don't even see much more than cursory coverage of any protests by most local and national media. I would guess the like of Rush, Hannity, et al are giving it more coverage than most because they don't cover the blunder-thon of the Bush administation. The insurgency has not been controlled properly because the people who make the decisions about troop deployment didn't listen to the recommedation of the military people on the ground.

I find it mind-boggling that you, and apparently quite a few others, think that people should not dissent during a time of war. One of the previous commentors mentioned Thomas Jefferson. He had some things to say about dissent and vocal opposition of government. In your opinion is there any circumstance when dissent of the government is acceptible? I think that every move ,every decision, every act of government should be scrutinized.