Friday, October 28, 2005

Insania 20:14

Drive me crazy
Oh yeah
That's all I hear you say

Take a look at this. What a way to start the weekend! Of course, I am sitting here thinking about happy hour already. I need it. I finished a month long project yesterday and drinking beer and playing poker just didn't get the job done last night.

I also need to unwind from yesterday. That topic will set me off. I feel I do need to echo Erik's words too. By no means am I saying you should not be allowed to exercise you freedom of speech. Just be considerate of when you are doing so, and think of the consequences of your actions. Unfortunately, these people just don't care about either.

I am curious how many of you actually clicked the first link above and keep thinking "badger badger badger badger". I hope I have planted that deep inside your skull today. Why? Why not?
The other day I had the oil light come on in the car. I had ignored it at first because I had sensor problems once before. I know that there is a good chance if I make a quit stop that the reading may be wrong. But after a week, I did the man thing, and checked the oil, adding some. No problems now. I put the bottle of oil in the garage on a shelf right by the driver's door. Over the last couple of day I have had the same thought again and again when I look at the bottle. Why do I have a bottle of Jagermeister in the garage? Damn, if only!

Insania 20:16

I heard a crazy story on the news last night. Well, maybe not necessarily crazy. More like stupid, moronic, idiotic. A 25-year old Milwaukee woman was impregnated by a 15-year old boy. She was arrested for having sex with a minor. They caught her because she went to court to try and get the boy to pay for the kid. Hmm...she would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling police.

The Red Wings won again last night. You cannot get many pucks past Manny Legace right now. He has won 10 games in goal in October alone! Amazing.

I wish I had interesting plans for the weekend. Truth is I don't. There is a party tomorrow for a friend and drinks with people I know from work tonight but nothing really set in stone. I should give my friend with the crazy wife a call and see about doing lunch. I probably should rake leaves. I should go up in the tenant's place and do some minor repairs. I should consider insulating some windows.

Lots of things I should do. Instead I may sit around playing poker and drinking beer. Great lifestyle, huh?

Wow, this is a pretty pathetic post. I should give it up now. I got no game today. Like the Astros in the World Series. Zing! I will probably post more meaningless stuff today. Kinda like live-blogging my work day. Why not? I have little to do today. I have a call with my boss in about an hour and a half. That is always interesting. Little seems to get done.

So until something good comes along I am out.

But one last thing.

badger badger badger badger badger

Updated 8:55. Talk about crazy. How about thinking a suicide is a Halloween display? Hmm...seeing how I am the resident expert on this subject, I do not recall any hangings to be part of a normal display. Who thinks that is normal? Caskets, hearses, tombstones. YES. Hanging bodies? NO.

Or these jerkweeds who give drinking a bad name. Let the record show that I hate it when people look for the easy way out to explain someone's insanity. It is not the alcohol. It is the crazy fook who picks up a knife when answering the door.

But enough of the killing. How about crazy porn stories? Wow, it is bad enough that the guy stole his idea and made millions on it, but to receive phone calls from him taunting and reminding him of his crime? That takes balls!

Updated 10:51. Now this is what should be happening during trick or treating. Nothing like scaring the kids. Of course I will be at a bar watching football.

Updated 11:08. I just saw the comment about on having me up for their "Blog of the Week". I am in the running again? I see my friend the Wig is there too. Must be the losers bracket of the big round robin. Last time I stumped for them. This time, they owe me a beer! Maybe I should go out for lunch.

Updated 12:17. Lunch wasn't rather interesting. Going down there was. I stopped by my friend's desk to pick her up and started talking with another lady I used to work with. As much as I wanted to comment on her "just got fucked" hairstyle, I couldn't. Well, at least not in those terms. Her hair was all over as if she just got ridden hard in the ladies room. Instead I said it looked like witche's hair. Yeah, that is much better! Then we walked by some dude with this humongus sweater on. Big turtle neck and all. He was slouching in his chair. The slouch made the sweater bunch up over his chest giving him the appearance of boobs. Then I saw maybe the best sweater kittens in the building at lunch. Yes, sweaters are God's gift to men in the winter. Not for us, though. Just for the ladies. The best part of fall.

Update 12:36. Here is proof of why I am disgusted with this lowlifes that were celebrating deaths of soldiers. Screw every one of their smiling faces for what they have done. One thing I find interesting in one banner is the statement of 100,000 Iraqis dead. Considering the scum that is involved, they blame American soldiers for that too? Not the terrorists who open fire on voters waiting in line. Not the terrorists that blow up police stations. Not the terrorists that car bomb Iraqi Army checkpoints. Not the terrorists that target children. They have the audacity to think the American soldier, not the evil terrorists or Saddam's henchmen, is to blame. The one man who is helping rebuild, train, and make it a safer place to be. The one man who sent an evil, murderous dictator scurrying into a spider hole to hide. Yeah, Iraq was practically Disney World before the war. You want to blame the brave men and women who are sacrificing so much for you to be able to have these demonstrations. I have no other way to say it. FUCK YOU! I feel a bit better but now am wound up again. Is it time for me to drink yet?

Oh, I see an idictment has been handed down. Some guy named Bill Clinton Scooter lied under oath, obstructed justice, and perjured himself. I hope he gets prosecuted to the fullest. You break the law, you go to jail. Don't care what political party you are with. You just embarassed our country. This goes for others that may be indicted as well. But I can't help but wonder as the Wig does. Did he get to have sex with an intern?

Update 2:39. Man, am I bored! Being the end of the month, my work is basically done. So I am killing time, surfing the net. I would just about kill for a beer. If only I could play poker or look at porn at work....

Update 3:19. I am out of here! There is a cooler of beer somewhere with my name on them!


Sara said...

Morning! Couldn't find an e-mail address, so am leaving a comment. Just wanted to say that 'While drinking, I...' is in this week's Blog of the Week running. Info is here. If you have any questions, feel free to write. Good luck!

Lawdog1214 said...

Does that Weeble thing ever stop.

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