Sunday, October 16, 2005

If only it was as easy as playing the Eagles

I told you on Friday I wasn't as comfortable with the Gints game as I was with the Eagles. There was the chance for a letdown after a big victory. There was a powerful offense coming to town.

But the Cowboys responded again. But you couldn't tell by the score. It was a sloppy first half and a scary final 4 minutes. It should have been an easy Cowboys victory.

I "watched" the game online at I thought my boys would call to head out to watch football all day. I was too disappointed when the call didn't arrive. I figured the mystery call that was all garbled at 1 in the morning was them all drunk and trying to be funny.

So I stayed in playing poker and catching the game online. As I said it was a sloppy first half (or as Jimmy Johnson just said, it was a sloppy game all around) for the Cowboys. 3 turnovers when they were moving the ball. If I am not mistaken the Boys had about 220 yards at halftime to the Gints 74.

That is how it continued into the second half. Except now the Gint were turning the ball over on some crucial plays. It was with about 4 minutes that they quickly pushed the ball into the Cowboys 5 but turned it over at the 1 with a minute and a half remaining.

But the Cowboys couldn't get the ball out of the hole. McBriar gets off the punt they need to push the Gints back to their own 48 with 52 seconds left. But two plays- YES TWO #@&*! plays- later they score the touchdown to tie it up.

Visions of the Deadskin game are through my head. But I have faith. The Cowboys march down with the ball in over time and win the game. The defense did a good job until about 4 minutes left. I guess keeping it easy is not in the game plan.

And all the while I have to watch the terrible play of the Vikings on TV. Yes the Bears/Vikings game was on in Milwaukee. Why they never cut away from these crap game that are boring the life out of us will always boggle my mind. The Bears play the most boring game of football known to man. And the Vikings? Well, they just suck.

I have more poker to play. And I need to get beer. Later.

And how about that....the Cowboys are in first place!!!

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pb said...

If the Vikings suck... I can imagine what went on the S.S. Purple Penetration!