Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dare I piss off mama?

Last week I was to go mow the lawn at my mother's house. But my truck battery thought otherwise so I went to Hooters instead.

I really need to get that lawn cut. And remove some branches in the backyard.

But the Party Poker bad beat jackpot is over $660,000. Am I a bad son if I blow it off?

I thought about this yesterday when I went off to meet some friends for happy hour. The bad beat jackpot was over $550k then. I was wondering if going to happy hour was -EV?

Answer: NO. Hanging out with friends with 2 for 1 taps is always +EV. Especially when Gambino get liquored. Don't know how that happened but I turn around and she is trying to play the Megatouch game without money.

I will have a write up on the Circus as well as the Milwaukee Ale House coming soon. As soon as I mow the lawn. *wink wink*


Aleta said...

Gambino got worse when we went to Scotty's. Heard she had a bit of a problem getting up in the morning. I suspect she may have gotten there long before she said she did.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Mhmmmm crazy "old" folks getting tore up again...What can I say yall are one exciting family!!! =)

J. Gambino said...

Just kind of curious when I got worse at Scotty's. I was playing the game in the corner, not bothering a soul. I woke up Saturday at 8:00AM. I felt fine even. Just because I didn't get out of bed until much later. I was enjoying the morning with my girls watching tv and being away from people, or should I say spouse. As for Megatouch my defense is I put a dollar in and played three games. One of the games must have been $.50 because I though I had a credit left and which was why I was pressing all kinds of buttons. At least I was not the one who put beer in my hair. I am pretty sure I got all liquored when StB had his face down in a "Pile o' Nachos."