Monday, October 10, 2005


Following the Eagles' 33-10 loss to Dallas, Terrell Owens pulled a white Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin throwback jersey from his traveling bag, shook it out, and put it on for the bus ride to the airport and the long, quiet charter flight home to Philadelphia. -- Philadelphia Inquirer

Throwback? It hasn't been that long since Michael left. I am surprised Reid lets Owens get away with this.

Hey Blonde, you can be just like Terrell and wear an Irvin jersey in Vegas!

Eagles DE Jevon Kearse was unhappy with what he said was constant first-half, double-team help from Cowboys tight end Jason Witten for right tackle Rob Petitti, and unhappy that Dallas went for it three times on fourth down, making a first down twice. "It's disrespectful," said Kearse, who noted that the Cowboys punted only twice. -- Philadelphia Daily News

Disrespectful? The rookie was given help to stop a very good lineman. Isn't that respect? Is he whining about the Cowboys trying to convert on 4th down? That ain't disrespect. That is football. You want respect? Stop them.


Blonde said...

Funny thing, Stb...I have a Michael Irvin encounter story that I will not write here. I will share it with you over a few cocktails (my treat) in Vegas.

Irvin was a true pimp daddy.

Doesn't bother me that TO did that. In my eyes, TO can do no wrong.

StB said...

My observation is not necessarily a "Owens" issue. I wouldn't want to read about a Cowboy putting on a Deadskins jersey. I would think my coach wouldn't allow it.