Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why do I work on Mondays?

Hell, it wasn't even work. I was like the New Orleans Saints yesterday. I went through the motions of work. I got little done. I coasted on some of the easy stuff and made it look like I did more than I did.

I should take every Monday off during football season. I am not a productive worker at the beginning of the week. A typical Sunday is getting out around 11 to catch the noon football game. If there is no one on, then it starts at 2. I drink for the next 6 hours before heading home. There I may have a couple more beers. I am comfortable to call it a day at 10.

By the time the alcohol begins to wear off, around 2 or 3 in the morning, I will be awake. I then lay in bed for the next hour or two before getting back to sleep. By the time I doze off the alarm goes off. That leaves me groggy for the morning and sluggish all day. By the time I get home, I just plop my ass on the couch and catch the latest sports news and try to sleep a bit more.

That is the price I pay for enjoying football Sundays.

I do have my reservations set for the luxury that in the Imperial Palace. I am ramping up to do yet Vegas again. I haven't booked my flight though. Seems like everytime I do they go on sale the next week. I figure I have a good month to shop around.

It still feels nice to have a big Cowboy victory from Sunday but it is time to move on. All bets are being settled now. Beside the jersey bet, the Blonde and I had a some cash riding as well. My charity of choice will be MichaelsMiracle. We partied it up for this cause at the Bash at the Boathouse and it seems like a good way to give back to hosts of the event.

Now lets see if I can get any work done today.


Anonymous said...

You and I seem to be synchronized! I had the same Monday you did. Of course, Tuesday through Friday is usually no picnic either! Thanks for the contribution for Michaels Miracle. We appreciate the support. Imperial Palace. Hmmm...


Blonde said...

I will definitely take care of that donation this week as promised :).

No mention of my phone call in which I groveled and apologized? Ha!

I am not staying at the Imperial Palace.

StB said...

Didn't feel there was any need for you to apologize. Especially since I got away with that comment today. I liked your Congratulation...fucker comment. Funny stuff.

How can you not stay at the IP??? The glitz! The glamour!

Ok, if the tournament wasn't being held there I would stay somewhere else. Where ya stayin?