Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's cold gin time again!

As I have mentioned before, I love feeling the sun warm me up as I drive down the highway. It is such a great feeling. Yesterday may be the last time this year I get to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

The drive to the Midwest Airlines center was rather uneventful. I pulled into the parking structure hoping it was the correct one. I had some doubts when I got to the 3rd level and notices a huge section cordoned off for construction. After weaving through that area I pulled around to the 4th level and found the perfect spot to park. I had wanted to get on the "down" side so I cut across and pulled in spot 469. Me and my perverted mind chuckled as we put the top up.

It looked kind of stupid too. There were many open spots but I pulled into the one right next to a car. I could already picture it. The guy/girl comes out, looks at all the open spots and thinks why the hell did this guy have to park right next to my car. Seconds later, the guy who owned that car came out and gave me a look. I fought the laugh back but didn't are. Dude, it is spot 469!

I walked in and started killing time with my co-workers. We had to stand around for an hour before anyone was scheduled to show up. Of course, the first clients show up an hour before they suppose to. That cost someone a round of drinks. As the crowd came in the murmur between us working folk was who was going to break the ice and get the first drink. I was drafted to do so and threw myself on the grenade. Or in this case, Beefeaters. Turns out I was the very first drink that Kris the bartender ever poured. I thanked him, slipped him a tip and went on my way promising to be back in 10 minutes. I was disappointed to find out later that many of my coworkers didn't feel the need to tip the bartenders. WTF? You have free drinks and these guys are working for tips as well. Give up some cash people! One guy was definately earning it too. When I came up for the second round, Jonathon moved to the top of his game and flatly told me I needed a double. Good idea! That is great bartending.

Once we were seated, I got into a good conversation with one of the clients at my table. Made the night go by quickly. As customary at these events, I drank a full bottle of the red wine (don't ask what kind of wine as I have no clue. It was red in color and went well with the beef) before I left. About the only time I drink wine is with meals. Otherwise I rather not touch the stuff.

After the event was over it was time to hit up the Miller Time Pub across the street for a couple of beers. I ended up with the "responsible" group. Those with families who basically were going to have some drinks but not get trashed like the others. We made an attempt to polish off the barrel o' pretzels but that was going to happen so we called it a night.

I got some sleep but feel a bit groggy this morning. Allergies are kicking me in the face one last time. It also sucks that I have a zit right under a nostril. It is in the same place I cut myself shaving on Monday. Not only does it hurt, it looks all shiny and huge. So I am a pleasant sight to look at. Sneezy, half asleep and pimply.

I hope you are looking better than I am.

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James Wigderson said...

I'm always better looking than you.