Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How many Polacks does it take to operate an ATM?

I don't know but if I park in the bank and watch long enough, I will find out.

And I am part Polish so if you have a problem with the title, screw you!

I pulled into use the Tyme machine (translate Wisconsin to American English Tyme machine = ATM) this morning and notice something different. It appears there is a bottle opener on the front of the machine. And I didn't bring a bottle of beer with me. Damn.

Oh wait, that is a camera. Still it would have made for a great video to watch, me trying to open a bottle of beer with their mini camera. It was only when I put my card in that I realized it was a new machine. Instead of asking me for my PIN, it asked how I would like to proceed- in English, Espanol, or POLSKI!!!

I can now do my banking in Polish if I choose! I don't know what good that will do me. Maybe I can teach myself Polish 30 seconds at a time. At the very least I will know how to say "Deposit", "Withdrawal" and "Fash Cash from Checking".

Pulled out a suit for work today. I will be attending a client function later tonight (read: free booze) and need to be dressed as "business professional". I won't put the tie on until later today. It should be interesting. I originally signed up as part of my current job. I need to monitor some things that are said and done. Yet, they have me working for this department for the night. Basically that means I go around and mingle with people. I get to make some stuff up about what I do to help them. Of course, I will see how much I can drink without anyone questioning me.

The Detroit Red Wings take the ice tonight as the NHL gets back to playing. The games should be better than ever. More like college hockey as the ice will be wide open. I have found some of the predictions for the year to be quite entertaining. Not that I may disagree with them (most say the Wings are basically playoff bound but not much else), but how can you truly predict anything for teams that haven't played in 2 years? You can only go by rosters. The Flames and Flyers may look good on paper but will that translate to the ice? We'll see. It will be good to have hockey back.

Titled edited to be compliant with the head Polack, Wig.


Erik said...

Only in Milwaukee. I used to work with a very cool pharmacist who was a good Polish boy. I can't spell a damn thing in Polish, but I can flavor what I say with choice Polish words and phrases. I like the words dubja (good), gurky (pickle), and kapusta (cabbage). The first two are fun to use just to puzzle people or to slip into a sentance that would normally get a gal ready to slap you. Kapusta just sounds funny.

I do like phrases used here in Milwaukee that aren't used anywhere else. Tyme machine has confused many. The one that will confuse more people is bubblers. I always like to ask people from elsewhere what they think bubblers are.

Enjoy the free booze tonight.

James Wigderson said...

Polack should be capitalized and only have one "l" you kraut. :)

Blonde said...

As the saying goes..."good on paper, bad in bed". Therefore the Flyers are good on paper, and will suck on the ice.

I have seen so few of the new Flyers play to make a sound judgment yet. Primeau is out injured. Forsberg is out. Ugh.

StB said...

I guess it shows that I am only a quarter Polish, unlike the Wig.

Primeau is a bit of a pansy to begin with. I recall his days in Detroit. Has talent but never really mixed it up well. iy

djw said...

"The new phone books here--the new phone books here!!!": Navin Johnson. That's how I feel now that I can make comments again.

StB said...

You need to stop going online after coming home from the bar.

Great quote though.