Thursday, November 24, 2005

Didn't mean to be rude

If you called me this morning to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving, I want it to be known that I did not hang up on you. This is part of the continuing saga of My Phone Sucks!

I answered the phone and then lost the signal. I wasn't being rude.

When I get out later, I will try to run through a number of people that may have called.

Last night was quite tame for a free Wednesday. The amateurs weren't out in force. I was thinking of making some dial-a-shots but I saw the bottle of Wild Turkey and it was rather dusty. It would have been fitting though.

Today I will be off to my brother's house to watch the game. Oh and eat dinner. You can see where my priorities are. Should be a good game today. I think the Cowboys have a good chance to win this game. They have shut down big runners already this season. Bell is not 100% which is a plus. If he gets outside though, that could be a problem.

Another thing I like is how the media is pressing the fact that Plummer hasn't thrown an interception since Week 2 or something. Sounds like the "he is due" line, but I don't believe he has gone up against a defense like the Boys yet. If Bledsoe can hook up with Glenn on some deep routes, the Cowboys will win. Any which way, the game should be a good one.


djw said...

Enjoy the day and the game. Thanks for the ride home last night.

J. Gambino said...

that was me! I was beginning to get a complex. I hope you were right saying it was your phone.