Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Slip and slide

Remember that old toy, Slip and Slide? I never had one. All kids wanted one. It looked like a ton of fun in the commercials, but I hear it really wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

What does that have to do with a post on the first snowfall in the Milwaukee area that counts? Nothing. I just felt like mentioning it.

I noticed a number of cars off the road lately. Not just off the road either. Usually a good 5-10 feet up over a curb off the road. And this was last night before it snowed!

So the drive in to work was a little slower, but not that bad. Now, I don't mind it when people take it easy because of weather conditions. But that still doesn't mean you drive 45 in the left lane when the rest of traffic can do the speed limit! Get the f@#! out of my way. If you don't, I will tailgate you. I will ride your ass with my headlights shining in your rear view mirror for the next 4 miles. Because you are messing up traffic by not keeping right. And when I do pass you, if I look at your numbskull self, I will smile and wave warmingly. Pisses them off every time!

While playing poker last night I had the TV news on. I heard that two school teachers that had slept with their students are not being sent to jail for any real length of time. I believe one is being confined to her house while the other may do a couple of weeks. These were female teachers sleeping with boys. If a male teacher slept with a young girl, they would be sent away for a couple of years. Interesting double standard we have. Amazing that these two are getting off that easy. And I don't mean getting off in a good way.

Speaking of teachers, I have some friends that work in the public school system. If one of them worked in a high school, I would not be shocked to hear that she was sleeping with a student. But she works in an elementary school. Hmmm...maybe they should keep her away from the sixth graders.

While surfing the channel last night, I stopped on some music award show. Don't care enough to search to find out what it was. I did watch one country act because my friend Lisa likes them. I think they were called Ratkilled Flat. Funny name for a band, even a country one. No offense to you country lovin' people but it was rather boring to me. The lyrics included the phrase "I live to rock and I rock to live". Original. It actually reminded me I should go find the old Dokken song Live to Rock. But when some guys say they "live to rock and rock to live" and the aren't really 'rockin', it makes no sense. I actually stayed on this channel and listed for a couple of minutes. It reminded me of an 80s band. These Ratkill guys had the cliche lines going in this song and their was no muscle behind it. Just like the late comers to the 80s hair metal scene. Then I put my finger on it. They were like White Lion. A soft sound that had no balls. I would think with a band name of Ratkilled Flat that you at least could have some balls to your music.

I had a friend over to take a look at cleaning my house. Looks like a done deal. There is one good thing that comes out of this besides a clean house. I think it will focus me on actually putting stuff away. For example, I do some laundry, fold it up, and it stays in a basket, sometimes in the dining room for a week. I have stuff piled up that either needs to be tossed or shredded. Today I brought a bunch of that stuff in to be shredded. I will have to go through the other stuff this week. For the record, this is not cleaning before a cleaner shows up. More like getting stuff out of the way. If I had porn, I would put the porn away, so why not some other personal stuff like statements, etc.

The furnace guy also came over. Took one look at the problem and told me would have to come back. Yes, it took 1 minute for him to tell me no go tonight. Hopefully he will be back today at a sane hour. I don't want to be stuck waiting for him to show up to work for 20 minutes.

Afterall, today is a Free Wednesday. You do not have to go to work tomorrow so you might as well go party it up tonight. Unless you are cooking and have company coming over. Go out and make up for the dial-a-shot you missed last night. Plus it will also give you time to think up things you are thankful for so when asked by someone tomorrow you have something clever to say.


Blonde said...

I give it 2 weeks and you will be screwing your cleaning lady ;).

I missed Al's Dial a Shots last night. Dang.

Keep the snow where you are. People here drive like they have never seen it before even though we get a shitload of snow every year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

StB said...

No, I will not have her cleaning my pole. She is the ex-wife of a friend and 15? years older than me.
But it would be funny. Just like the Seinfeld episode. I am sure people would like to say I am diddling the maid.

Oh, you know you would like a little snow. It is coming your way.

Erik said...

That Florida teacher is getting house arrest, and Gary Glitter might face the firing squad for the same thing. Interesting dichotomy there.

I also love how people feel the need to clean up for a cleaning person. Even in hotels, people will make the bed even though the housekeeping staff has to strip the beds anyway. I just set the comforter on the chair to make it easier on them.

Livia said...

My cousin broke his arm in a slip and slide once. It had a rip in it, his arm was stuck.. yet the rest of his body kept slipping.

I'm pretty sure this is the most random pointless comment I've ever left on anyones blog. Congrats!!!

StB said...

Allright!!! Good to know I have earned a random honor.

djw said...

well, since today is a Free Wednesday I guess I will "get my head out of my ass" and into a bucket at Da Bar.