Sunday, November 13, 2005


I have a number of things to say, but not today. I am rather tired right now. I stayed up until 2am playing drunken poker. Came in 4th in a tournament for a nice $1350 win.

Before that I was out watching the Badgers play football. Or attempt to. I got more than my fair share of Leinie's Red and Goldschlager into my belly. By 6 I was in the tank. I did leave the bar with the intention of getting some beer and watching the Badger hockey team play. Never did get the beer or see the hockey game. I lost an hour or so somewhere.

This morning I am pissed off that I missed that hockey game. The beat the top ranked team in the nation 3-0. At least I made some good money. :)

Let's see if I can at least prep you for what may come up.
- Making whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo calls.
-On Friday arguing that the Fonz was not the lady's man everyone thought he was.
-Drunk calling the Sears people around midnight on Friday to see what time they would be at my house on Saturday to repair the garage door opener.

I think there is something else but right now I can't think of it. I need some sleep. The wind storm kept me out most of the night. Lotta blowing going on but none that was good for me.


djw said...

congrats on your latest win. I must have left before the 'Fonz discussion'. I'm sorry I missed it--that is the kind of drunk debate that is usually the most entertaining.

Hey Jo said...

I know I got a whoo hoo call about 3pm and you already had a few too many cocktails under your belt...

Blonde said...

No drunk dial or dial a shot for the Blonde? Sheesh!

The Fonz was HARDLY a lady's man. Actually, he was really fucking creepy. He was an older guy that hung with young kids. His office was really a bathroom. He was the one and only Jewish biker, EVER. He did that stupid Russian dance when he danced. The Fonz was a tool.

Congrats on your poker win :).

StB said...

Blonde, didn't so you had such strong feelings on the subject of the Fonz.

Hard to give a dial-a-shot when you do not have someone's number...