Monday, November 14, 2005

An enjoyable weekend was had

My weekend went pretty good. Parts are a haze. Parts are too funny. Parts of my wallet are in the bar till.

On Saturday, I spent an hour raking leaves. Had piled them into the street in 3 nice big piles. When the wind was howling through yesterday, I was getting a feeling I would be pissed that the wind would put all those damn leaves back where they were. In one area, it did. But the bigger piles ended up across the street in the neighbor's yard. The pile between the side walk and the wall had to be at least 3 feet deep and 10 feet long. Sucks to be them.

I headed over to a friend's house yesterday to watch the Packer game. While there I received a call from Al. He put the lovely bartender Terry on the line. Apparently she was really enjoying her weekend. I liked the comment "I woke up drunk". Nice job! Thanks for the kind comments about this site. You should go to Vegas with everyone next month!

A guy came over to fix my garage door opener on Saturday. Maybe fix isn't the correct word. I guess "look" is more accurate as that is exactly what he did. He didn't get within 4 feet of the thing before announcing they do not make parts for it and I needed to get a new one. Me thinks he wanted to head out to a bar to watch college football too.

Dare I go into the Fonz discussion? The Blonde had some strong thoughts about it already. Like someone gave her a titty twister. We were lead to believe the Fonz was the coolest and got all the chicks. That if you were like the Fonz you were going to get chicks. At least that is what Potsie and Ralph tried. BTW, how does someone named "Potsie" ever get a chick? But I digress. All the Fonz ever did was make out with these chicks. Did he ever get laid? No! It should have been like a porn set on top of that Cunningham garage with Mr. C walking around with a hard on as each hotty came down those stairs after going for a ride on the Fonz's "bike". Richie would have been prowling around for sloppy seconds and Joanie would have become a lesbian. Of course, Mrs. C would be getting serviced by the Fonz whenever she need to if Fonzie ever got laid. WTF? He never even copped a feel on any of these chicks! What a pansy!

If you ever wanted proof that any goof can put words on the internet, you have come to the right place. But you should be scared when said goof inspires other to go forth into the world and announce their thoughts for everyone to read. I strike again as Jo has started her own blog. Go read Hey Jo, while yer up and say hi. One word to her though, you are a tad close on the "while" and "..." part in the title of your blog. I expect royalty payments to be paid in beer at the bar.

Wow, that is 5 now. Hey Mark, you writing yet? You can be 6. All that from a guy who just wants to drink, play poker and enjoy life. Which reminds me. Vegas is only 24 days out now...


Blonde said...

Nothing cool about the Fonz and I stand my ground on this one. I did think his girlfriend was cool though...was her name Pinky or Leather Tuscadero. I thought she was cool :).

I put my money on the Cowboys this week. No bets neccessary with me this time around. I miss TO :(

StB said...

Now you are trying to pull the reverse sports psychology move! Smart one you are!

Not as comfortable with this one as the first. I may miss the first half.

Hey Jo said...

Thanks for the shout out StB :) You will have to talk to the hubby about the naming of my site. He is the one who kept yelling the phrase.

Terfen said...

I know this is an old post so I don't know if you or anyone will ever read it, but ... as I have stated so many times to Al and Big Mike in the past, I can never EVER go to Las Vegas. If I do I will never come home. That's a fact. And who wants to be resposible for me abandoning my two beautiful, brilliant children? If I am not around to teach them how to rule the world then all will be for naught. I have very, VERY important work to do here. Until I am able to unleash their forces upon the world, I am stuck here, being a mom. And a bartender. And somewhat of a drunk. Milwaukee, however, we "have people" in Milwaukee. Wisconsin is doable. I even have a built-in babysitter in the form of an older sibling. It's just a matter of making proper arrrangements so that said sister can come out and and party too. She's nuts. Where do you think I get it from?