Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Let's get back to our focus here

Apparently someone has confused my site with Google. I am not here to search the internet to give you the TRUTH. The TRUTH is what you are going to want to believe. Apparently you have not interest in learning from independent sites. So, you can search that for yourself. You will believe what you want. I suggest you go to blogger and get your own blog. Check out Michael Yon or Smash. Then to the doctor for some medicine for that STD (creative humor there), and then to the store for some air freshener. Man, I hate to go into the bathroom after you have finished!

There, I am done with politics for now. Oh wait, here is one thing that is somewhat political. Shocking actually. A politician that was stopped for drunken driving admitted his guilt and will not fight the charges. Whaaaaaat???? Someone in politics not trying to pass the blame on and accepting responsibility. I am near speechless.

Now let's get back to the normal stuff you came here for. Oh wait, I didn't drink last night. Probably a good thing too considering.

The morning started in a rather craptacular way. I had to get down and crawl into my garage when the opener decided give up. Being a man, I goofed around with it for 10 minutes before finally opening the door manually and getting my car out. Now I have something else I need to have fixed.

I have a friend coming over tonight to check my furnace out. It works but there is something leaking in it. Last thing I need is for it to rust out on me.

I was digging through my drawer today trying to find a password for an application at work. In it I found my insurance payment. I feel like an idiot now for calling the company and asking how they lost it.

I just ate a muffin top. Yes, apparently Atlanta Bread Company makes just the muffin tops for sale. What about those of us that like the rest of the muffin? What have you done to us Elaine Benes?!?!?!


TomInWestBend said...

Doh, I didn't see this post until after I posted my previous comment in the other post... sorry you can punish me StB...

Blonde said...

I like the muffin bottoms too.

BTW, your anonymous commenter is the whole reason I do not discuss politics on my blog. Too many idiots out there who don't know what the hell they are talking about commenting...

Glad to see that you stood your ground though!