Thursday, November 03, 2005

Step aside, master plumber coming through

I know enough about plumbing to get myself in trouble. In high school I worked at a plumbing store and picked up a lot of the basics. I have installed toilets, faucets, and fixed minor problems.

So I was hoping for the best when I went upstairs to the upper flat to take a look at the kitchen sink. When I spoke with my tenant earlier in the day, he mentioned the right side of the basin was very slow in draining. Aha! I had a place to start. And don't hold it against me because I said "Aha".

I shine the light on the trap and found what I think was the problem. It was shiny. The trap should not be shining. It is pvc. More specific, the threads were shiny. And wet. I noticed some plant pots underneath that appeared to be filled with water. Once those were removed I couldn't help but notice the totally soaked wood underneath. Cripes sake! How long has this been going on?

I dumped the water out, just about doing so in the same slow draining sink, but wasn't that dumb. I grabbed a big pot and popped the trap off.


I found 2 knives, a straw, some goop that reeked, and a brillo pad.

Now it appears everything is fine. Well almost. I have a phone call to make to my tenant.

And beer to drink!


WhisKeYGyrL said...

AhA!!! Now I know who to call for the plumbing problems... ;)

Needa plumberperth said...

Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

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