Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday football thoughts

Not too happy with the way they Cowboys played today. They finished off some drives but I got the feeling they were lethargic. Defense needs to tighten for Thanksgiving. It has the makings of a good game.

Nice to see Julius Jones run well. Same with Marion Barber. But I wish they would have run more at the end to get Jones over 100 yards. But I am happy with a victory. I had predicted a 27-0 final, but was off by 7 on both sides.

I have been amazed by Packer fans assuming that they will beat the Bears twice this season. No way they win in Chicago. The Bears are taking it to the Panthers. They played some very good defensive football today. Somehow I think the Bear fans are saying the same thing about taking two from the Packers this year. That is the more likely outcome.

Beyond football, I don't have any really good drinking stories to tell. I went out for a couple on Friday but didn't stay out late. Too tired. Last night, I felt like a schmuck. I spent the day with Gambino's hubby and father helping they install my garage door opener. It took about 4 hours. When all was said and done, I hoped to take them out to lunch and put some beers down. But they declined for another time. Worse yet, I didn't have any beer in the house to offer either. I had intended to stop by the liquor store but never did. Two friends help you out in a big way and you can't even give them a beer when it is finished. That makes me the schmuck of the weekend. I hope all of you learn a lesson from this. Make sure you stop by a liquor store any time friends will be helping you out!

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