Monday, November 21, 2005

The "short" week

That was one of the first things I heard this morning. After greeting a co-worker and being asked how I was and grunting back "It is a Monday", I was given the "at least it's a short week" response.

A short week. Maybe for you, but not for me. I mean, let's put this into perspective.

It appears to start like any other week. I will ignore the MNF game as much as I can but if some people are out, I may be persuaded to join them. I need to have this clown come look at my furnace. He is a clown because he never did call me on Saturday about taking a look at the leak and fixing it. He was quite anxious for some business on Friday afternoon but within a couple of hours his excitement disappeared. I got in touch with this guy because he is a friend of a friend and could use the referral as he is starting his own business. Well, this isn't the way to start in my opinion.

On Tuesday I will try to have a cleaning person come over to look at my house and tell me what she can do for me. Yeah, she will clean the house. This goes against my beliefs. I can clean my own house. It is just that I don't. I don't because quite frankly, I do not know how. Sounds simple and stupid, but beyond doing some dishes and dragging a vacuum cleaner around, I really don't do anything else. I can help a friend out by having her clean my place so I it might as well get done by someone.

Wednesday is bucket night at the bar. It is also a free Wednesday. Also know as an amateur night. Yeah, all kinds of chuckleheads will have the day off on Thursday so the rookies will be out at the bars in droves. As long as they stay out of the vets' way, I have no problem with them. Unfortunately, they usually don't.

Thursday is a feast. I will probably have to drive out of my way to pick up my mother or grandmother to bring them over to my brother's house for the holiday. I don't mind this so I probably shouldn't have typed it out. I think the funny part is no one has mentioned to this to me yet. At least I will be left alone for the most part on Thursday to watch the Cowboys play.

That is if it is like last year. I used to stop going to family functions on Thanksgiving because I wanted to watch the Cowboys game. Last year he made sure that dinner started at halftime and it wasn't a formal dining experience. Thus I could grab a plate and be stuffing turkey into my piehole as the third quarter was starting. Best yet, the entire family seemed to like it that way too. Hopefully, it will be the same way as it is a big game this week. Though the Boys played better this Sunday, this still didn't play up to their ability. They will need to against Denver.

I have to work on Friday. At least a half day. I will find out the details this week. But it is usually tied in with the financial markets so I don't mind it much. There is a good chance I may be the only one in my wing working on Friday. I am leaning to wearing a Cowboys sweatshirt if I am.

Saturday looks to be a cleaning day. Why would I clean if someone is cleaning for me? Well, that is if she isn't cleaning. Yesterday I agreed to have a party next Sunday. I will let my Packer friends invade my domain to watch the game and drink up a storm. I have been doing so at their places and it is only right that I take a spot in the rotation. So Saturday will be a trip to the liquor store and a time to grab some kind of food to put out. Just had a good thought. Party sub. I could be like Homer Simpson and chowed the leftovers down. But I also need to do something about a wall in my living room. It needs to be painted. For some reason it started chipping earlier this year. So I have started to peck away the paint off the wall. But I haven't done anything to cover these spots up. It doesn't look good but not terrible either. I will have to get the men's opinions on Sunday. Yeah, I will twist my crap wall into a Home Depot teaching session.

Nothing is going on Saturday night so I can take it easy.

Sunday is where I try to be the party host. In other words I just need to keep saying "Hi, beer is in the fridge". I may also invite some other people to this gathering. Don't know if they will show up but it could add some spice to the mix. One girl may piss some others off if she shows up. It could make the game more interesting at the very least.

And somewhere in this whole shebang I need to get some laundry done and pack for my business trip next week.

So where is this "short" week everyone is talking about?


Blonde said...

If I wasn't so obsessive compulsive about cleanliness, then I would have a cleaning lady. Nothing wrong with it.

Look at it this way, it is like having a wife without the headache! Anyway, you should negotiate with her to do your laundry too. Adds to your drinking hours.

Happy Thanksgiving!

J. Gambino said...

Here is the proverbial "twist of the arm" to get you to come out for MNF. My goal is to get there early, be gone around 1/2 time. You just can't beat the 'buy one, get the 2nd for a buck deal!'
See you there!

PS. I can help with your menu planning also.

StB said...

Kinda like a repeat of last week, huh?

StB said...

Blonde, it sounds like having a wife with getting the head.

Erik said...

No blowjobs are almost a universal truth in many marriages, so unless they agreed the the Blonde's Rules of Engagement, you'd be head-less anyway.

I have the opposite week as you this week, thank god. I have to keep up with paperwork and calls for work, but no trainings. I just have to show up for thanksgiving dinner. I will be getting liquored up at my favorite bar for the first time in over a month on Wednesday. I will be watching football. That's my week. Now if I could only could get that cute bartender to sleep with me, this would be the best week I've had all year.